Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Outplay Maple Leafs, Maple Leafs Outscore Stars

Claus Andersen

In which the Maple Leafs turn the tables on the Stars, less is more when it comes to shots on goal, and Trevor Daley unfortunately emulates his long-time teammate Stephane Robidas...

Blame HBO. They obviously scripted this one for 24/7. How else do you explain the Maple Leafs getting outshot drastically, and yet still coming away with a win?

Oh yeah. It's the Leafs. Typical though that the unsustainable formula of theirs, which has been so cruelly exposed over their past five games, reared its ugly head and stole a point from the Stars last night. Granted, it was karmic retribution for Dallas stealing a game in Chicago, which was karmic retribution for the Rangers stealing a game in Dallas, which was karmic retribution for Dallas stealing a game in Vancouver, which was karmic retribution for...

The hockey gods have been busy.

Jamie Benn acknowledged the irony of allowing 50 shots against and winning, and taking 50 shots and losing.

"It was two games that were the exact opposite on this road trip. You get dominated in one and you find a way to win. I think we did an alright job tonight, but I think we could have done better in the small details of the game." [Stars Inside Edge]

The small details. Like scoring goals.

* * *

It's a recap day today. Which are fickle days. Sometimes they feel amazing, sometimes they're agony. This one though somehow feels a bit ho-hum. With an emphasis on the hum. [Sports Day DFW] [ESPN] [NHL.com] [Sea of Blue]

So yesterday it seems was player profile day. Ready for these? 'Cause I'm gonna throw 'em at you rapid fire. Deep breath... First one is a piece on Big Val Nichushkin and the Russian Problem, or lack thereof. [National Post] Second is on the development of Alex Chiasson and his increased responsibilities on special teams. [Fox Sports Southwest] This one reveals the story behind Travis Morin's success with the Texas Stars. [TheAHL.com] And this last one is an interview with Stephane Robidas, before the injury. [The Big Mac Blog] Phew.

Next up, I know we've all read articles about Jamie Benn's motivation after the Team Canada Olympic snub. But this is somebody not named us writing it. [The Globe and Mail]

And of course, Benn isn't the only Canadian being snubbed. There's this defender named PK as well... [Puck Daddy]

Some goaltender named Jonathan Bernier garnered NHL second star rankings for last night's performance. Oh, and Taylor Hall scored a hat trick as the Oilers absolutely demolished the Colorado Avalanche. [Puck Daddy]

The one hundred percent reliable Conference III power rankings, with the Stars moving up in the world. [Conference III]

And lastly, geography quiz! Who can find Kazakhstan on a map? I know it's somewhere over there *David gestures vaguely eastward* amongst all the other 'stans, but I did not know it was a hockey playing nation. With leagues and everything! [March Hockey]

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