Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Meet Maple Leafs for First Time in Two Years

Jonathan Daniel

In which fancy statisticians hover over the Maple Leafs like vultures, the Stars take on a less than familiar foe, and Jamie Benn and co form the cast of a spaghetti Western...

The Stars are a pretty decent possession team. On Tuesday night, they were not a decent possession team. At no point this season have the Maple Leafs been a decent possession team.

That's kind of their thing.

Rumor has it though that the practice of not shooting the puck very often doesn't lead to long-term, sustainable positive results. Yet despite this theory, the Maple Leafs have persisted in doing just that. And have lost five games in a row. Call it bad luck, call it cosmic fancy stat retribution after Toronto's success last season and in the early going of this season, but things are starting to balance out for the Leafs. [SB Nation]

Now, having said that, the Leafs on the season have a record that shouldn't be sneezed at. They are also one of the few Eastern Conference teams to have a points percentage greater than .500 against the West. So... kudos.

Dallas need to find a combination of finishing ability, as in the game against Chicago on Tuesday night, and possession ability, as in the two prior games against Edmonton and Chicago. It wouldn't hurt either if Tyler Seguin and Ryan Garbutt were both able to play. [Sports Day DFW]

* * *
So I feel that life is falling into a more comfortable pattern this past week. Every morning is either game recaps, or game previews, alternating in a very orderly procession. This is the way a schedule should be. Today is previews. Tomorrow will be recaps. [Stars Inside Edge] [Sports Day DFW] [NHL.com] [ESPN]

I like including previews from the opposition when I can find them. But this is the only one I could find last night. I'm sorry. It lists five things to know about the Stars, one of which is that Tyler Seguin will be posing nude for ESPN, and another of which speaks of Vernon Fiddler and a shootout he didn't participate in. In other words, why did they bother to write it, let alone why am I bothering to link it? [The Star]

Because I feel bad about that last link, I'm including a prospective link. Pension Plan Puppets is one of my favorite SB Nation blogs, and I'm thinking that they should have a game preview up by now so... Go check. [Pension Plan Puppets]

Big Val-ee, Buckshot Benn, Gentle Benn, and how long did Razor spend coming up with this list of nicknames? [Razor with an Edge]

Brenden Dillon is rapidly becoming an old hand around the NHL. [Sports Day DFW]

Stars prospect Radek Faksa highlights the Czech Republic junior team for the upcoming World Junior Championship. Exciting times. [NHL.com]

Injuries, and shootouts, and Garbutt, oh my! [On the Radar]

So I'm not spiteful or anything, but I laughed when I saw Andrew Shaw won't be traveling with the Blackhawks for their game against Minnesota. [ProHockeyTalk]

This is a long one, but worth a read. Or at least a skim. The story of George Parros, his fighting, and his concussion. [ESPN]

And, because I like themes, another one on fighting in hockey. Naturally, it's all about love. [ESPN]

Look! Another albatross! Rangers sign Henrik Lundqvist to a very long contract, worth a very lot of money. And somehow this happens immediately after he was a healthy scratch in back-to-back games. Not sure how he used that chip at the bargaining table... [Yahoo Sports]

And lastly, there's been some stiff competition so far this season, but here we have it narrowed down to the top 10 best bloopers of the young season. [Puck Daddy]
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