Of Brenden Morrow and the Standing Ovation

As I sat down for the hockey game last night evening, I had a true sense of hesitancy with my cheer level for this game. From even before the puck dropped, it felt like it would take a herculean effort to pull some points out of this game. This is the Blues after all, the same Blues team that is 10-0-1 vs the central (now 11-0-1). This is the same Blues team that seems to be picking off ex-Stars players and coaches and GM’s like it is part of their mission statement or something. This is the same Blues team that looks so plain on paper, no flashy players or polarizing superstars, but seems to have a team made up of 2 dozen guys you just hate playing against. The Blues may have one of the deepest teams in the league based on how well their system works and by sheer number of good quality players on that roster.

Just after the first goal by Cody Eakin was waived off (rightfully so…(sigh) I guess) and the Blues scored on their only power play chance of the first 60 minutes (thank the lord they only got one chance to go on that power play, else Dallas may have never even sniffed victory) something wonderful happened.

A video Montague to our last Captain, Brenden Morrow.

The thought ran through my head as I watched this video on the Jumbo-tron and saw the crowd react to it and to him saluting them from the opposing bench. "What a great city is Dallas."

This is not to be a statement of insinuation that other teams don’t do this. Ottawa performed a similar tribute earlier this season to its long time legend and sure fire hall of famer Daniel Alfredsson.

It is to say however that Dallas has been both blessed with truly great players AND equally blessed with truly great fans.

It takes that combination to build something special, something you can hang your hat on and say with pride; I am proud to be a Dallas Stars fan! Said emphatically and with swelling confidence, it is something that no team in the league, nor any opposing fan, can take away from us Stars fans.

We Stars fans know we are not where we are (as a team, an organization or a fan base) based on the path that lies before us, but because of the path that lies behind us. Mike Modano, Jere Lehtinen, Sergei Zubov, Marty Turco, Ed Belfour, Darian Hatcher…These are names that hold meaning to long time Stars fans. They hold memories. They hold passion and excitement and awe. They also hold a pinch of sadness, due to age and time catching up to them. And we will eventually add Steve Ott and Brenden Morrow to that list, due to all those reasons listed above.

The game was a fearsome tilt, right to the bitter end. Dallas let its opportunity to win the game slip by, but Dallas did not let its opportunity to honor one of our greatest players with a tribute he most certainly deserved.

After the game, Mark Stepneski caught up with Morrow and asked him about the ovation, "Trying not to tear up, it’s a lot of good memories here."

Same here Brenden, same here. The banner racing around the arena while the crowd roared their approval said all that need be said.

Always A Star.

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