Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Move Within a Point of Minnesota, Two Back of Phoenix

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A playoff spot is not far out of reach as Dallas continues to collect points after a 4-1 drubbing of the Predators.

Did you know the Dallas Stars are a top-ten team in the NHL in shots-on-goal with 31.8 (6th in the league)?

Did you know that the Dallas Stars are a top-ten offense in the league at 2.89 (9th in the NHL)?

Did you know that the Dallas Stars are a top-ten even-strength team with a 1.12 5-on-5 GF/GA ratio?

It's for these reasons they're drifting closer to where they want to be- To a playoff spot. Minnesota lost in regulation to Winnipeg last night, giving the Stars just one less point (44) with three games in hand. They trail Phoenix by just two points in the same 37 games played. They also trail Colorado by...just five points.

9 of the best 13 points percentages in the NHL belong to Western Conference teams, simultaneously excusing Dallas for being in such a difficult group while also adding weight to what a new team with a new coach has done in a very short amount of time.

With the Blues and the Kings on the immediate horizon chances are things are going to get worse again before they get better, yet this group offers so much hope. Their speed and their work ethic through crippling injuries this season suggests they'll be at least competitive for the duration.

It sure would be nice to see them actually in a playoff position at some point in January as the Olympics rapidly approach.

It's close now.


Aaron Rome was back last night, and that's a good thing, considering the state this blue line is in. He told media about his hip injury- "It's more of my own fault than anything. I tried to make a hip check, and that's probably not the best thing to do at this stage." [More at the DMN]

In case you missed it yesterday, Trevor Daley was on the ice Friday morning with his teammates at American Airlines Center, skating in a track suit. He has many, many more weeks to go but that has to feel good as he methodically works his back from a high-ankle sprain. [DMN]

Erik Cole was... well, not one of the three stars of Puck Daddy's night in the NHL, though garnered an honorary mention. [Puck Daddy]

I don't have a link for you on this one- But Razor sure sounded pretty sure of himself on the Ticket Friday morning when he asserted that there would be an "outdoor" game at the Death Star in the next "three to five" years. Discuss.

Think the Stars are injured? See Pascal Dupuis and a possibly season-ending knee surgery on a torn ACL for the Pittsburgh Penguins. [Kuklas Korner]

Our friends at On the Forecheck are not handling all of this very well after yet another defeat, seeing their points percentage drop to .474 [On the Forecheck]

The Texas Stars last night, for a change, were not so fortunate- Coming back but ultimately losing after regulation. Stephen has all the action here for your review at [Hundred Degree Hockey]

Defending Big D was on the forefront of the "I'm Val Nichuhskin" phenomenon during the Kings game Monday night and the Stars themselves jumped all over it, creating this:

Social media. Instantaneous game changers.

Aaaand just for fun, that first goal last night:

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