Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Look for Redemption Against the Avalanche

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

In which the Chicago Blackhawks take up ice dancing, the curse of the injured Stars' veteran defenseman strikes again, and the Stars don't have to wait long for a rematch...

Raise your hand if you watched last night's game. Now hold it up if you watched all of last night's game. And now keep it raised if you're glad you watched all of last night's game. Truth be told, I missed it. I'm in the middle of moving, so packing boxes took priority over watching the Stars game. Lucky me.

Consensus around the webs though? It wasn't that bad. Except the second period, which was utterly horrendous. Mike Heika was kind and termed it 'Undisciplined.' The Associated Press wasn't so kind, and termed it 'Abysmal.' And Mark Stepneski avoided name calling and just said the Stars got buried.

But regardless, it was a loss that could have used John Tortorella or Mike Babcock dropping some eloquent, colorful sound bites. Lindy Ruff instead remained calm and focused in on the issues. And issues there were. For one, an already young defensive corps was again hit when Aaron Rome, who only recently played his first game of the season, went down with an injury in the first period. Leaving the Stars playing the rest of the game with five defensemen, two of whom are very green rookies. Ruff talked about some of the breakdowns in coverage that occurred for the Stars, leading to several of Colorado's goals. And with the young guys, he took responsibility for the situation.

"I've got to work with them. They've got to play in the big situations against the big players and they've got to make those plays for us. It really falls on my shoulders to get them there."

The losses of Stephane Robidas and Trevor Daley are proving crucial, as, following the 5-1 shellacking of the Flyers, the Stars have given up 6, 3, 4, and 6 goals in their last four games. It's going to be a steep learning curve for a young defense, but there's no respite. The home-and-away, or rather, the away-and-home series continues tonight.

* * *

I'm gonna start with this one, because everybody's day could do with a little brightening, and hockey hugs can't fail to do that. Especially not when it's a year's worth of hockey hug highlights. [Puck Daddy]

Brace yourselves, because a feeling of deja vu is about to come on very strongly. Previews for the Stars- Avalanche game. No, not that one. This one. [Sports Day DFW] [CBS Sports]

Everybody knows the Flames are searching for a new GM. But does anybody know how the search is really going? [Down Goes Brown]

Hockey players are tough. We see enough images of it throughout the season for it to be continually proven. But what about hockey fans? I'd definitely say this Capitals' fan gets bonus marks for grit. [Puck Daddy]

And lastly, because it's Tuesday, and the weekend ends on Sunday, and thus is written about on Monday, we now have for you Down Goes Brown's Weekend in Hockey. [Grantland]

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