Dallas Stars Daily Links: Actually, Kari's Better

Cooper Neill

A slow start, Kari Lehtonen doing headstands, but Stars finish strong to take a point against the, still, high-flying Avs...

So I was really looking forward to watching last night's game. And then I started watching last night's game.

It got better, but jeez was the beginning painful. At one point in the first period, the Stars were getting outshot 14-1. Fourteen to one! Luckily the score was still only 1-0 at that point. However, and this was huge, there was a shift in the ice's tilt as the Stars then proceeded to outshoot the Avs 10-1. A nice run of play that ended with the Avs scoring their second goal. Amazingly, it was a turnover on the blue line that led to that goal.

I'm beginning to get an overwhelming feeling of deja-vu. I've typed this all before...

But the script changed. The Stars became the team we all want to watch, pressuring the Avs and dominating on the possession charts. In fact, after the painful start to the game and the 14-1 shot advantage of Colorado, the Stars turned the tables completely, outshooting the Avs 27-12 through the end of regulation.

However, the story of last night was Kari Lehtonen. And more specifically, one particular save of Kari's. Moments after the Stars had cut the lead to one with a booming shot from Alex Goligoski (on the scoresheet again!), Kari did this. It looked at first like the most stunning glove save, then replays showed it to instead be an amazing contortionist's trick, with Kari twisting and sliding and somehow making a kick save with his body doubled over. I think the Avs decided right then and there that the Stars deserved a point out of this contest, making Tyler Seguin's game-tying goal with three minutes remaining all but inevitable.

Anyway, I suppose there may still be doubters out there, but wow. Coincidentally, Bob Sturm had a piece yesterday, before last night's game, taking umbrage with where Kari Lehtonen is placed on the list of top NHL goalies in Hockey News.

Kari has been money during his stretch here and I can assure you that he single-handedly improves [the Stars] odds of winning every time he steps on the ice. He is a special player with a very unique skill set and yet remains largely unnoticed.

#19 best goaltender in the NHL is what they say.

Up north he doesn't get the love he deserves. Heck, New Jersey has both goaltenders ranked above Kari in 2013. Amazing.

But, here, if you aren't noticing him, then you clearly aren't paying attention. [Sturm Words]

I'm gonna hazard a guess that after last night's performance, Kari's gonna get a little more attention.

* * *

Recaps, should you desire to relive last night's action. [Stars Inside Edge] [NHL.com]

Some love here shown for Lane MacDermid, whose time as a regular starter will probably come to an end when Ryan Garbutt returns on Sunday. [Sports Day DFW]

Travis Morin, with his 19 points in 9 games, was named the AHL player of the month. Surprise? I think not. [Sports Day DFW]

On the growing pains of this rebuilding team. [NHL.com]

Ahh Patrick Roy. 'Why wait?' Really? [Puck Daddy]

Are the Avs and Maple Leafs all smoke and mirrors so far this season? [Three Periods]

Alexander Steen, Sidney Crosby and Antti Niemi have been named the NHL's 3 Stars of October. [Kukla's Korner]

Welp. Guess they're not going to market this time round either. The Sedin twins resign with Vancouver for a pretty penny each. [NHL.com]

And lastly, this happened last night. The Flyers were getting completely emasculated by the Capitals, and, well, apparently Ray Emery felt there was only one recourse. It's really not pretty though. [District Sports Page]

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