The Nichushkin Project; 1st Edition




Chelyabinsk, Russia February 15, 2013, 9:20 AM local time

The citizens of Chelyabinsk turn to the sky in shock and curiosity as a meteorite plummets to Earth.

9:30: The meteorite explodes 15 km above the Earth's surface, sending fragments plummeting to the surface

9:40: President Obama and President Putin exchange over telephone, NASA was under congressional orders to track any Near Earth Objects, yet this meteorite was not detected until it entered the Earth's atmosphere, Putin suspects foul play, perhaps a failed United States attack, Obama, however, is just as mystified as to the meteorite's origins as Putin

Vancouver, British Columbia

7:40 PM local time: Tom Gaglardi leaves his box at Rogers Centre just minutes after his Dallas Stars begin their game with the Vancouver Canucks, and heads to his home, waiting for him is Detroit Red Wings Assistant General Manager Jim Nill

Nill: It's made contact, unfortunately it hit over civilization, the government there is going crazy

Gaglardi: We have to retrive it before they do. Otherwise we're both done in this league.

Nill: Don't worry, luckily I have a connection in Chelyabinsk

Nill takes out phone and makes call

Nill: Mr. Gonchar? Yes. Good. Very well. And the government? Well done. Your family will be rewarded.

Hangs up.

Gaglardi: Gonchar? Not Sergei-

Nill: His father, actually. He was my failsafe. We're going to have to bring Sergei in this summer though.

Gaglardi: That's fine. You better get back to Detroit. Ken might start getting suspicious.

Nill: He's still oblivious. I assume Joe is as well?

Gaglardi: If Joe knew what was going on, we wouldn't be standing here, would we? He's as oblivious as ever.

Nill: Good.

They both exit.

A bathroom door opens. Stars General Manager Joe Nieuwendyk emerges.

A small building outside of Chelyabinsk

9:53 AM local time

A welder by the name of Gonchar holds a small meteorite fragment, dubious that it could actually be of importance, but 10 million US dollars is a lot of money. He follows Nill's instructions and twists the top, to his shock it opens and a bright flash fills the room as a small ball emerges. The ball begins to grow, and then take shape, into a man, a boy really, maybe 17, 18 at most, but with the physical characteristics of a man 10 years his elder

Gonchar: Valeri, are you okay? How do you feel?

Valeri Nichushkin: Normal.

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