Brenden Morrow

So it looks like he is 34 and on the last year of his deal getting paid 4.1 million this season.

I remember last season there was talk among the Defending Big D community and maybe other places that Morrow may be used in a trade during the season. A lot were for this and surprisingly many argued against it. Mostly in hopes that after his injury issues cleared he would be a top 6 guy for us again.

In my opinion he won't crack most teams top six. I read an article in the Dallas Morning News that quoted Morrow saying, “You don’t want to be a distraction or ruffle any feathers, so you just put your head down and push forward.” This was in reference to his demotion. This statement irks me.

Our Captain Morrow has been pushed down to our 4th line in the past 3 games getting only about 10 minutes of ice time total. He has been out on the PP to stand in front of goalies and allowed Larsen to net one in doing so but that doesn't require all that much skill. Just a big guy who can stand there and get bumped around.

This season he has a -2 rating with 4 minutes in penalties and only 2 shots on goal. Also he has 2 assists. Not making much noise for our 5th highest paid player this season. 4th highest paid forward.

Last season he hade 97 penalty minutes in only 57 games. He did net 11 goals and 15 assists for a combined 26 pts in 57 games. Which is not great but at least he put something on the board.

This all brings me to a conclusion that if Morrow is merely a 4th line player with the talent on our team right now. Or if he just is not fitting in with the forward groups around him it appears as though he may be heading out of town either by free agency after the year is done or through a trade if we can find a willing partner.

I always favor getting something for nothing, so if Dallas intends on not resigning Morrow look for them to make a trade. I think it would be wise. I see almost no difference in Morrow's play and say Vincour, Garbutt, R. Smith, or Eakin. We have some fast young guys who are getting in the corners and behind the net and digging. We do not need to pay Morrow 4 mil to stand in front of a net and sit on the bench all night.

My last point is the C he wears on his chest. A captain to me should be someone motivational. I think they should be able to get energy out of players either by demanding it or getting on the ice and using himself as an example. I get the feeling Morrow has softened in his older age and is not really the vet role model with Whitney and Jagr around.

I am not a huge stat cruncher but just from watching most the games last year and all of this seasons games I get the feeling we do not need him that much and we could better from bringing in some youth to grow in those 10:00 minutes Morrow is occupying. Not to mention free up cap space which is always good.

I know it is early and people will ask for more time to make a true decision of his impact but based off this and last season what do you guys think about our Morrow situation?

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