New Line Ideas

I originally wanted to post this as a comment, but I thought it was long enough that it deserved its own FanPost.

Like a lot of the readers here I've been frustrated by some of the line combinations Gully has been using and I just wanted to share my ideal line combinations and hear other people's thoughts as well.



I would keep Eriksson and Jagr together because they've been playing so well so far and I would leave Roy where he is as well. I would move Benn to the second line to give Whitney a second shooter to feed. Eakin and Smith have obviously shown that they are deserving of more minutes, while Fiddler and Nystrom have proven over the course of the last season that they are not able to play checking line roles. I would keep Fiddler in the lineup as a faceoff specialist and Wandell and Vincour have both shown good puck possession skills but lack finishing ability, which makes them perfect for the fourth line. I would scratch/send Nystrom to Texas. He plays hard but he's just not good enough stay with this team in my opinion.


I don't have any specific pairings that I'd like to see on D, but I do want to break up the Goligoski-Robi pairing. They're both too small to effectively clear out players from the front of the net and Robi's age is starting to show. Ideally I'd like Robi traded before his value drops any lower and then have each pairing consist of one of our larger defensemen and one of our smaller, faster defensemen. The obvious problem with that is we don't have a large defenseman who could play on a top pairing. Really the only way I see our D being fixed is a change in personnel, but I don't think that's going to happen this season.


We have some good offensive players but the Jagr, Morrow, Whitney power play is not working well. Their playing styles just don't mesh. My first unit would be Benn, Eriksson, Jagr, Morrow and Goligoski playing a 1-3-1 formation like so:


I think this unit could be deadly. Goligoski is a good passer and Eriksson, Benn and Jagr all have outstanding finishing ability. Plus, Benn is a pretty good playmaker himself and would be able to dish to Eriksson or Jagr on his own. Morrow would be parked in front of the net to knock in rebounds.

The second with Roy, Ryder, Whitney, Daley and Larsen in a 2-1-2 formation arranged this way:


Daley and Larsen both have offensive skills even if they aren't able to finish but they should still be able to pass well and limit shorthanded chances since this group isn't as good at possession. Ryder would be set up on the left side for off-wing one timers and Roy would be in the middle as a passing or shooting threat. Whitney would be set up on the right side so he could take off-wing one timers or pass across to Ryder or to the middle for Roy.


On the PK I don't have any specific units in mind other than making sure Goligoski and Robidas are never out there at the same time and Eriksson and Roy and Benn and Eakin play together. I'd like Fiddler to be out there for draws, but then have him get off the ice as soon as possible. I'm not sure how realistic that is though.

Tell me what you guys think and any problems you see with the lines I've come up with.

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