Why I asked the Dallas Stars for a refund and was denied.

I faithfully purchase either season tickets or at least a partial plan to the Dallas stars every year. It is a modest amount, my budget is usually a thousand bucks. I was hopefull the CBA would be finalized before the deadline. After watching the drama unfold, I doubt there will even be a season. My problem is not with the owners or the players, my problem is with the delay.

We have seen over the last year both the NBA and NFL lock their players out. This provided a regular season product that was both unprepared and sub par, especially basketball. The NBA didn't look like the NBA until playoff time. So many games were packed into the regular season you could easily tell when teams were just exhausted.

Now that we are past the deadline, optimistically what will happen next? I don't see training camp starting on time and at best a shortened season. Since re-alignment wasn't set for this year the Dallas Stars will get the worse end of the deal. Their travel schedule is brutal. Steve Ott publically said, I will at least be in bed by 10:30 90% of the upcoming season.

My logic tells me no matter what happens, it needed to happen yesterday. You don't pay for half cooked meals, dirty clothes or damaged goods. The NHL will not have a quality product this year, and we all suffer.

I asked the Dallas Stars today for a full refund of my tickets. I was snubbed three times with their standard "but look at how much we have upgraded" or "we are all frustrated". When I finally got through to someone, I was denied saying the NHL hasn't cancelled any games yet.

Where is the fine print? What did I sign saying you will not give me my money back?

Am I totally off base here? (Pun used because MLB quietly ratified their new CBA and the fans barely knew.)

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