Week of 8-13 OT Thread

Wait, the Olympics are over already? Boo!

Seriously, those were an amazing two weeks of athleticism, drama, grit, dedication, and another cliche word to describe the Olympics that would normally go here but in order to make this sentence appear important I'm prolonging it with nonsensical verbiage. (Try saying that three times fast).

Some links regarding the Olympics:

Bryan Fischer's Column: London Olympics Made the World Smile in Amazement

Matt Norlander: Olympics Roundtable Roundup: The 10 Best Stories From the 2012 Games

Those two articles are recommended reads if you have some time to kill, and I know most of you do since you're reading this. Regarding the second link, what story that was omitted do you think should have been discussed?

Another question: What was your favorite photo from these Olympics?

And now for something completely different.

Seriously, this is a very important question: Would you rather show up to a baseball game in a floating DeLorean or a Jetpack? (Yes, those are both at the same stadium.)

If you dislocated your shoulder, would you be able to set it back by yourself, stay in the game, and then drive in the go-ahead run? Oakland's Brandon Inge seriously did this.

Yes, another baseball video, sorry I'm not sorry, but how often do you see somebody scale a wall and rob a would-be home run like Toronto's Rajai Davis did here? This is nothing short of an incredible catch.

Guess what's SHARK WEEK! Get ready for that time of the year where all of a sudden everybody is interested in sharks for a whole week, and then significantly less interested afterwards. (This is a proven fact. No you can't have my sources.)

On a personal note, I've recently taken action to try and combat my summer couch potato weight gain by running long distances, or to be more specific, a few laps around my campus once a day. I haven't gotten to the once-a-day aspect of this plan, yet, but I'm sure I'll reach that goal soon. I'll chronicle this more on my personal blog, and when the post is finished, I'll link it in the comments. Running is fun! Knee problems afterwards aren't!

Carry on.

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