NHL 12 season sim #2

I spent the last 2-2 1/2 hours updating every single team to match as closely as i could to what their roster look like today. So the wild DO have Parise and Suter. It will be interesting to see what happens. I have turned injuries and CPU trades off. I will simulate the season 5 times and then average all the stats and team records. Those results will be posted when i am finished on a different post.

This is the stats from the second simulation of the season. I will do 3 more and then average the results to see what we could expect the stars to do in real life.
Here are the lines i used.








Player and team stats are below so check them out.

Player stats

14 J.Benn 82GP 33G 52A 85PTS 24 5PPG

6 T. Daley 82GP 4G 35A 39PTS 22 0PPG

21 L.Eriksson 82GP 24G 42A 66PTS 23 8PPG

38 V. Fiddler 82GP 7G 10A 17PTS -5 0PPG

28 M. Fistric 82GP 5G 4A 9PTS 15 0PPG

33 A. Goligoski 82GP 5G 37A 42PTS 10 4PPG

68 J. Jagr 82GP 14G 43A 57PTS 23 0PPG

36 P. Larsen 82GP 13G 16A 29PTS 11 5PPG

10 B. Morrow 82GP 22G 25A 47PTS 11 5PPG

24 E. Nystrom 82GP 9G 6A 15PTS -13 0PPG

17 T. Petersen 82GP 7G 8A 15PTS -6 0PPG

3 S. Robidas 82GP 4G 20A 24PTS 2 3PPG

27 A. Rome 82GP 5G 6A 11PTS -6 0PPG

18 D. Roy 82GP 20G 36A 56PTS 8 4PPG

73 M. Ryder 82GP 23G 27A 50PTS 3 6PPG

81 T. Vincour 82GP 9G 12A 21PTS 5 0PPG

23 T. Wandell 82GP 6G 13A 19PTS 2 0PPG

13 R. Whitney 82GP 20G 30A 50PTS -2 6PPG

31 R. Bachman 16GP 7W 4L 2.83GAA .896SV% 0SO

32 K. Lehtonen 69GP 35W 24L 2.55GAA .911SV% 6SO

Team stats


Record 42W 29L 11OTL/SO
ROW 39
GF 233
GFPG 2.84
GA 227
GAPG 2.77
PPG 46
PP% 17.8%
PK% 80%
Home record 23-11-7
Road record 19-18-4

I will simulate the playoffs later when I get the chance to go on the PS3.

Opponent: #6 seed Los Angeles Kings

GM 1: W 5-2
GM 2: W 2-1
GM 3: L 3-0
GM 4: OTL 4-5
GM 5: L 4-2
GM 6: W 5-1
GM 7: W 2-1

Round 2 opponen: #4 seed Vancouver Canucks

GM 1: W 6-3
GM 2: W 3-1
GM 3: L 2-1
GM 4: W 2-0
GM 5: L 3-2
GM 6: L 4-0
GM 7: W 3-0

Round 3 opponent: #2 seed Calgary Flames

GM 1: OTL 4-3
GM 2: W 3-1
GM 3: W 4-0
GM 4: L 1-0
GM 5: 2OT W 3-2
GM 6: W 5-1

Stanley Cup Finals opponent: #7 seed Winnipeg Jets

GM 1: L 4-1
GM 2: W 6-3
GM 3: L 1-0
GM 4: L 5-2
GM 5: L 4-2

We lose in the Stanley Cup Finals to Winnipeg 4-1

Player playoff stats

14 J.Benn 25GP 6G 16A 22PTS +7 3PPG

6 T. Daley 25GP 2G 8A 10PTS +7 1PPG

21 L.Eriksson 25GP 9G 8A 17PTS +5 2PPG

38 V. Fiddler 25GP 4G 1A 5PTS -5 0PPG

28 M. Fistric 25GP 1G 1A 2PTS +8 0PPG

33 A. Goligoski 25GP 0G 9A 9PTS +10 0PPG

68 J. Jagr 25GP 7G 8A 15PTS +5 0PPG

36 P. Larsen 25GP 2G 9A 11PTS +8 0PPG

10 B. Morrow 25GP 6G 11A 17PTS +8 2PPG

24 E. NystroM 25GP 0G 2A 2PTS -7 0PPG

17 T. Petersen 25GP 0G 2A 2PTS -8 0PPG

3 S. Robidas 25GP 1G 3A 4PTS -6 0PPG

27 A. Rome 25GP 1G 1A 2PTS -3 0PPG

18 D. Roy 25GP 9G 7A 16PTS +4 3PPG

73 M. Ryder 25GP 4G 11A 15PTS +7 0PPG

81 T. Vincour 25GP 7G 2A 9PTS +5 0PPG

23 T. Wandell 25GP 2G 3A 5PTS +5 0PPG

13 R. Whitney 25GP 5G 13A 18PTS +6 0PPG

31 R. Bachman 3GP 3W 0L 0 OTL 1.67GAA .939SV% 0SO

32 K. Lehtonen 22GP 10W 10L 2OTL 2.17GAA .925SV% 3SO

There you go, thats season simulation #2.

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