Join Us For The Defending Big D Group Party At The AAC!

As some of you may recall, shortly after the Stars' schedule was released, I immediately started throwing together a group party for everyone to meet up at the AAC. Since I live in Memphis, I'm always bummed out when I'm not around for the official DBD watching parties, so I took it upon myself to throw this thing together. In fact, I didn't bother asking Worley or Gardner about this at all -- I just did it. Since I went over his helmet, this could be officially unofficial.

The way to purchase tickets is listed after the jump, but I've also included a quick poll, just so people can get an idea of how many are coming.

At any rate, here are the details as they stand now (barring any lockout and rescheduling):

  • The game is going to be Saturday, December 29th against the Wild. (Side note: Can I just say, when we first picked this date, I thought it was going to be your average guaranteed victory against the Wild. My how 3 days of free agency changes things!)
  • Ticket price is $50 per ticket. We will be sitting in the Platinum section, with access to all the wonderful bars and food that exists. Platinum seats also have in-seat wait service! (I've used it before, and it is a B-E-A-Utiful thing!)
  • Platinum also gets access to the AAC 2 full hours before puck drop, so if you want to get there at 5:00PM (like I probably will -- I would live at the AAC if I could), you are welcome to go and start eating/drinking. I'm told that there are some changes and improvements being discussed to make the platinum section even more entertaining!
  • This is meant to be a stress free kind of party, and anyone who reads DBD is invited. When you get there, there will be no pressure to mingle and talk if you don't want to. In fact, I'm sure some people won't. Once the game starts, I'm usually 100% focused on it the entire time, so I understand completely those who feel the same way. So even if you don't comment that often, or at all, please join us! You're still a part of our community, and a part of what makes this blog so great! Just as long as you come on and cheer on our Stars, that's all I ask.
  • Lastly, you do not have to decide today if you're interested in going. While we do need 16 other tickets to guarantee the party (We've got 4 already with the deposit), those are the minimum requirements. Based on the polls I had in my previous posts, I think that there are enough people who are already willing to commit to the date to help us get tickets over the next week or two. I don't want to pressure people into making a commitment this far in advance, so if you're on the fence about it, know that you have time to think it over.
  • However, that being said, there is only a certain number of seats that can be reserved before they sell out. D'Ann, our wonderful group sales specialist, is pulling seats in an area where she can expand from 20 to a larger number, but there is never a guarantee that those seats will remain. If you wait to say yes, and she cannot get you seats directly with the party, she will try to get you as close as she can. The official cutoff date is Thursday, November 29th (30 days prior to the game), but I think we'd like to have as many people as possible commit by September/October. It will make it much easier to group everyone together that way!

If you're interested in going, click on the jump for all of the contact information that you need in order to get your tickets & find out more details!

I'm not 100% sure on the sections where we will be sitting, but it will be somewhere in the Platinum seating. As soon as I find out, I will update it here so that you can know. In the meantime, here's a picture of the seating chart, just for your own reference:


There are 2 ways that you can purchase your tickets -- either by phone or via a special ticket link. The link option will not be available until tickets go on-sale to the general public sometime in September. We cannot post a public link to purchase tickets due to the special group pricing we are receiving, you must be invited via email to receive the offer. I would advise against posting your e-mail in any comments below, as that usually results in a number of spam e-mails for you to deal with. Instead, I have created an e-mail just for this event (and maybe more in the future). If you send me an e-mail, either I or D'Ann will respond with a link to purchase your tickets. You MUST use the email you were invited with to purchase the tickets. If you are ready to reserve your tickets now, you can contact D’Ann directly now at 214-387-5646.

Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns about the event itself, just shoot me an e-mail, and I will get back to you ASAP.

The e-mail to purchase tickets is:

D'Ann's work line is: 214-387-5646

Can't wait to see you guys at the game! Go Stars!

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