Dallas Stars Daily Links: Marc Crawford Hoping To Land Another NHL Job

DALLAS TX - FEBRUARY 09: Head coach Marc Crawford of the Dallas Stars during play against the Phoenix Coyotes at American Airlines Center on February 9 2011 in Dallas Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The phrase "everything old is new again" is never any more true than in professional coaching circles, where there are a fair number of fresh faces every year but there are always plenty of retreads that pop up whenever there's a coaching vacancy.

Former Stars bench boss Marc Crawford is hoping to be one of those veterans brought back into the NHL ranks. He's reportedly up for the open jobs with the Edmonton Oilers, Washington Capitals and Montreal Canadiens.

Crawford, who had a fairly forgettable stint in Dallas, isn't talking about how many times he's been interviewed for those positions or where he might be in any particular hiring process, but he has spoken a bit about the trend of hiring veteran coaches.

"It's a very trendy business," said the 51-year-old Crawford. "You saw a lot of teams go the other way and it proved in some places to be great like Dan Bylsma [Pittsburgh], but a lot of guys have crashed and burned. I look back at how I was as a young coach and I know that I'm vastly different now.

"What changes you are the experiences and it can be humbling at times and forces you to re-examine yourself - especially if you lose a job. I know I've got a lot of good qualities and the attributes that are necessary to be successful in a tough profession.

After the jump, Trevor Daley does a good thing, TSN not-so-much and Tim Thomas continues to make everything all about him.

  • Our friends over at Hockey and Wilderness might still be bitter about Norm Green, but they are also putting together an interesting mock draft selected by their readers and have reached the Stars. [Hockey and Wilderness]
  • This story is mostly about a draft prospect who followed a very difficult path to success, but what caught my eye was the very low-key mention of how Trevor Daley helped him along. I love finding out these contributions athletes make without expecting any sort of attention for them. Good on you, Trevor. [Toronto Sun]
  • It's one thing to repost a great Photoshop or a meme when you credit the creator. It's quite another to just post one as if it was your idea. TSN definitely knows better and needed to credit Texas Stars image creator extraordinaire Taylor Vause for this Drew Doughty image. [Facebook/Defending Big D]
  • Of particular interest to hockey fans in Texas and other Southern states is the attempt to grow the game, from a fan and a participation standpoint, among Latinos. I guess it doesn't really count when one of the most Hispanic players the Dallas Stars have ever had was Bill Guerin. [Fox News]
  • The Los Angeles Kings, two wins away from their first Stanley Cup title, have turned their newfound local popularity into a very nice television deal. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Even former Star Craig Button has jumped on the Kings bandwagon. Le sigh. [USA Today]
  • I still might puke if Dustin Brown becomes the second American-born captain to lift the Stanley Cup, but it is a good sign for USA Hockey that both team captains are American. [Washington Times]
  • Tim Thomas has perfected the art of the confusing Facebook message and making a team sport all about an individual, and he did both again in one fell swoop on Sunday as he announced he will be taking a year off from the Boston Bruins. His cap hit, however, will remain. [Puck Daddy]
  • To remind all of you fine folk that the Kings aren't the only team that can score overtime goals, here is Steve Ott doing just that against the Colorado Avalanche. To my recollection, this might have been one of the only high points of the few years of that series. Other than Adam Foote and David Aebischer, I think every player who shows up in that clip is a former or current Star.

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