Week of 6-25 OT Thread -- With Tuesday's Question

Sorry I didn't have a thread up last week. My focus was on driving to San Diego for the Texas Rangers game against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park, which is a gorgeous stadium in a gorgeous city. It's really not fair.

I went to that stadium twice, and I would have gone a third time if I didn't have to work on Tuesday. What I didn't realize was that It was the Rangers' first ever trip to Petco Park, so seeing those games were that much more special. I will write more on my two visits in my personal blog, which is linked in my sig and linked in my profile page.

With this anecdote in mind, what hockey arena have you always wanted to visit to see the Dallas Stars play?

Personally, I've seen Stars road games at MCI Center (this was 10 years ago before Worldcom folded in grand style), and Staples Center. Now that I have a car, I'm planning on going to Honda Center if it fits my schedule.

How's this for an idea:

What California road game do some of you that can make the trip want to go to next season?

I figured if we can get at least two or three people besides Closure GT (primarily an LSBer, for those of you unfamiliar with who I'm talking about, he lives in Ventura) and I then we could probably have a decent time out here. Staples Center would be preferable, personally, since it's down the street from me.

Anyway this is a spur of the moment kind of idea, and I hope some of the authors of this blog pay attention to this question, but hey, it's worth a shot! The list of games are shown in the poll at the end of this post.

I'm also thinking I should update this post daily, since it's a weekly post, and therefore I want to keep it interesting, somewhat. These threads tend to die after one day, and if nobody's talking about Skyrim, then these threads have no chance.

So, if some noteworthy news event, whether it be sports or actual news, happens throughout the week, I'll update the post and see if it inspires debate.

TUESDAY 6-26: What do you all think of college football's Final Four playoff system that was just approved?

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