Dallas Stars Release 2012-2013 NHL Schedule

The 2012 NHL Schedule has been released and your Dallas Stars have the latest road map to their hopeful playoff return laid out before them. The usual feeling of excitement is muted somewhat this time, of course, due to looming labor strife and an expiring CBA that may or may not be replaced in time to enact the schedule released today.

There's no need to be completely gloomy about it, however. Season ticket holders and the like can still start tentatively planning their lives for the next year around these dates, as at least some of them should be appropriated even in a lockout shortened year.

From the Stars...

Most weeknight games at American Airlines Center will now commence at 7 p.m. instead of the 7:30 starts that have been the case in recent years. Many fans had requested earlier starts during the week, allowing more families to attend games and get home at earlier times. The Stars haveacknowledged and accommodated these requests, and while there will be an occasional later start for television purposes, all Dallas Stars night games (weeknight and weekend) will be 7 p.m. starts.

The Stars' longest home stand this season is five games, which will happen two separate times, the first being from Dec. 27-Jan. 8 (Columbus, Minnesota, Nashville, NY Rangers and Phoenix) with the second occurring from March 23-April 1 (Buffalo, Los Angeles, Detroit, Tampa Bay and Anaheim).

1st Half/2nd Half
The Stars will play 20 of their first 41 games at home, while finishing the second half with 21 of the final 41 games at home.

Back-to-Back Series
Overall: 12 sets (24 games total)
Back-to-back games at home: 7 Back-to-backgames on the road: 17

Road game followed by home game next day: 3
Home game followed by road game next day: 2
Home game followed by home game next day: 1
Road game followed by road game next day: 6

Download and see the schedule after the jump...

Download the PDF here: Dallas Stars 2012-2013 NHL Schedule

Regular Season
Oct. 13 @ Phoenix
Oct 14. @ Anaheim
Oct. 16 Phoenix
Oct. 18 Minnesota
Oct. 20 @ Boston
Oct. 23 @ Ottawa
Oct. 25 Vancouver
Oct. 27 St. Louis
Oct. 30 @ Philadelphia
Nov. 1 @ NY Rangers
Nov. 3 @ NY Islanders
Nov. 4 @ Washington
Nov. 6 @ St. Louis
Nov. 8 Phoenix
Nov. 10 Chicago
Nov. 13 @ Detroit
Nov. 15 San Jose
Nov. 17 Carolina
Nov. 20 Edmonton
Nov. 21 @ Nashville
Nov. 23 Washington
Nov. 25 Los Angeles
Nov. 27 @ Columbus
Nov. 29 Edmonton
Dec. 1 Pittsburgh
Dec. 4 @ Vancouver
Dec. 6 @ Calgary
Dec. 8 @ Edmonton
Dec. 10 @ Los Angeles
Dec. 13 @ Anaheim
Dec. 15 @ San Jose
Dec. 21 St. Louis
Dec. 22 @ Phoenix
Dec. 26 @ Minnesota
Dec. 27 Columbus
Dec. 29 Minnesota
Dec. 31 Nashville
Jan. 4 NY Rangers
Jan. 8 Phoenix
Jan. 10 @ Chicago
Jan. 12 Montreal
Jan. 14 @ Colorado
Jan. 15 @ Nashville
Jan. 17 Colorado
Jan. 19 San Jose
Jan. 22 @ Chicago
Jan. 23 Colorado
Jan. 29 @ Phoenix
Feb. 1 @ Florida
Feb. 2 @ Tampa Bay
Feb. 5 Anaheim
Feb. 8 Detroit
Feb. 11 @ Calgary
Feb. 12 @ Edmonton
Feb. 15 @ Vancouver
Feb. 17 Calgary
Feb. 19 Vancouver
Feb. 21 Winnipeg
Feb. 23 Columbus
Feb. 26 @ Toronto
Mar. 1 @ Columbus
Mar. 3 New Jersey
Mar. 5 Calgary
Mar. 7 @ Los Angeles
Mar. 9 @ San Jose
Mar. 12 Anaheim
Mar. 14 @ St. Louis
Mar. 16 Chicago
Mar. 18 San Jose
Mar. 20 @ Colorado
Mar. 22 @ Detroit
Mar. 23 Buffalo
Mar. 25 Los Angeles
Mar. 29 Detroit
Mar. 30 Tampa Bay
Apr. 1 Anaheim
Apr. 4 @ Los Angeles
Apr. 5 @ Anaheim
Apr. 7 @ San Jose
Apr. 9 Los Angeles
Apr. 11 @ Minnesota
Apr. 13 Nashville
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