Dallas Stars Daily Links: Spotlight Turns On Stars Scouting Staff

You might have heard on Twitter that the venerable Mark Stepneski is no longer with ESPN Dallas. But the creator of Andrews Dallas Stars Page, the location for all your Stars news in the late 1990s and much of the 2000s, hasn't gone away completely.

He showed up at DallasStars.com on Tuesday with a fun little article about the lives of the Stars scouting staff.

The job of professional scout does sound like an appealing one - travel around getting to watch a bunch of hockey games while writing down your opinions of the players. But there's a lot more work that goes on, particularly when you consider the travel.

One of the funniest anecdotes in the story came from Dennis Holland, who scouts parts of British Columbia.

"One night, another scout and myself, we were traveling together because the weather wasn’t great. We had to sleep in our car overnight because the road got shut down back to Calgary after a game in Red Deer," Holland recalled. "The easy part is when you are at the game evaluating; the toughest part is getting to the games."

It's not life until you have to sleep in your car in the Canadian winter, right?

After the jump, summer Stars fun on Twitter, the Stanley Cup winner that shall not be named and hockey players and their daughters are always adorable.

  • What do you do when you're a professional hockey Star with a hockey-playing brother and a whole summer at your disposal? If you're Jamie Benn and Jordie Benn, you go skeet shooting in interesting shirts, much to the amusement of your teammates. [@jamiebenn14/@SSouray/@otter2nine/@enystrom23]
  • Fun with mock drafts! Those of you who love Radek Faksa might be happy with how some of the NHL.com writers see it going. [NHL.com/NHL.com]
  • This is really a press release, but if you regularly sit in the Platinum section or the suites at the AAC, there's a new company handling the ticket transactions. [MarketWatch.com]
  • Now that the season is over, our friends over at In Lou We Trust break down the Zach Parise sweepstakes. [In Lou We Trust]
  • If there is a bright side to the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup, and I'm not saying there's a big one, it's that the Stars are no longer the team with the biggest gap between joining the NHL and winning their first Cup. [USA Today]
  • If at first a coach doesn't succeed, hire him in the front office. If this phrase brings to mind the Edmonton Oilers, congratulations, you understand their dysfunction. [ESPN]
  • I've boiled my hatred for the Kings down to one diving, diving Dustin Brown. But I will also admit Jonathan Quick won a little bit of my heart last night with his two-year-old daughter, Madison, who he saved from some rogue candy and basically let be adorable at the post-game press conference. All hockey players should have young daughters. It ups the adorable factor by an immeasurable magnitude.

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