TSN's Off-Season Gameplan

Scott Cullen of TSN has once again "graced" us with his Off -Season Gameplan for the Dallas Stars.

You can view it at:

Inside, he's also included a link to his proposed lineup, courtesy of Cap Geek. And it's an awful one!

Basically, he's suggesting that we add David Jones of Colorado as our 2nd line winger/top 6 addition, while keeping Morrow in the top 6 and having the rest stay pretty much the same. Offensively, we'd sign 2 depth forwards in John Mitchell and Joey Crabb, and the Burish's of the team would depart via free agency. He sees Vincour staying as our 4th line LW, with Matt Fraser being the lone rookie to join the pro squad, possibly sitting as our scratched 13th forward.

Our defense would feature an $8,000,000 man in Ryan Suter, and we'd let Souray walk. Pardy would be our 7th man, with Fistric joining the defense corps FT.

While I'd welcome the additions of Jones and Mitchell or even Crabb (for depth), I'm not sure they're our only options. Jones could be a nice addition, but I also think that we need another top 6 addition, either via trade or free agency (Semin, Parise). Another option- and a distant one at that- would be to sign Jaromir Jagr to a 1 year deal.

I think that while we'd be wise to try, we're highly unlikely to sign Parise this summer. NJ would be foolish to let him walk, but if he does, I think he'll go somewhere for a term that is beyond what the Stars would likely offer.

I'm not saying we're chalk full of elite offensive talent in the system, but with Chiasson, Smith, Stransky, Ritchie, Vincour and Guptill possibly vying for a sniff in the next few seasons, we should be looking at shorter term options. I'd really like to see players signed to deals in the 2-4 year range, so that when the time comes, we can give opportunity to those seeking it. By that time, Ryder should be in the last year of his contract and we'll have some more room to accomodate. I've never been a fan of adding to a team without making room for the additions. And unless we can somehow steal away a young, talented forward, such as a Bobby Ryan or a Matt Duchesne (dream on), I would prefer if the Stars front office brass avoids the long-term contract additions.

My priorities would be:

1) extend Mr. Benn's contract. Immediately!

2) offer Souray a 1-2 year deal in the ballpark of less than 3 mill per season.

3) trim the fat. Move the Robidas, Morrow, Fiddler, Nystrom contracts if possible and try sending Pardy to the minors. Maybe someone would claim him, if he'd have to clear waivers (does anyone know if he would?).

* in doing so, could we acquire some mid/late round draft picks or depth forwards?

4) I'm not sure how likely this is, but perhaps Joe should try to either move up in the draft, or acquire an additional pick. I'd like to see a guy like Grigorenko or a center fall, or even a guy like Cody Ceci get taken. But wouldn't it be nice if we could get a center in the top 10 AND get Ceci (Ceci and Oleksiak could be a top pairing for us someday perhaps).

What do you guys think?

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