Week of 4-9 OT Thread - Story Time!

Well, sadly it's over.

I want to try and do my part in keeping the community together, so I will continue to make these threads and try to serve as a method of entertainment as we approach a long summer. Of course, if you're a Texas Rangers fan, you can go to Lone Star Ball and follow the Two-Time American League Champions as they try to win the AL West again.

And to help promote imacdane's idea, check out his DBD Bracket Challenge FanPost. I'm putting this at the top because I'm afraid it will get lost in the rest of this OT Thread, which is a doozy.

And now, it's time for...Story Time with Graham!

Last weekend was USC Springfest, the annual concert festival that takes place on campus. One of my favorite bands, Anberlin, was on the names of bands performing. I had been listening to them for five years, so I was really excited I would be able to see them.

But then, as you may have predicted, an incident occurred, and the band I’ve been following for over five years did something totally awesome that made me like them even more. While the band was performing their song "Pray Tell," an audience member was flipping off and cussing out the band, as well as apparently pushing the guy in front of him into the fence around the stage. In response, the lead singer, Stephen Christian, stopped the song. Nobody knew what was going on.

But then Stephen said to security, while pointing to the perpetrator, "Get this douchebag out of here!" And then the jackass really started to cause a scene, to which Christian said, "I guess it’s true, gingers don’t have souls." This got a rousing ovation from the rest of the audience, myself included. Then Stephen said to the student who was pushed into the fence, "Hey, you come up on stage and hang out with us while we finish the concert. You’ll get to meet all of us afterwards." The student then got on the stage and the crowd cheered even louder than they did for the public humiliation Stephen Christian served the jackass. I could see the student invited on stage was having the time of his life while Anberlin finished the concert, as he was singing along and dancing to the songs the band performed. It was clear he was a die-hard fan, because he knew every lyric to every song.
Unfortunately, Anberlin did not continue the song, and moved on to the next one. It was a shame, since I really liked that song. The rest of the concert, thankfully, played out incident-free.

Here are some tweets regarding the incident.

And from the man himself.

So, this was why I was not in the thread on Saturday for the second and third periods. Perhaps it was a good thing.

TL;DR: I like pizza.

Two things, now:

  1. If you aren't following me, please do! I'm an entertaining guy. Also, follow Tsudbury, Brandon, Brad, Erin, Josh, Taylor, and the rest of the DBD staff.
  2. I personally recommend Anberlin. You may have heard some of their songs, like Feel Good Drag (perhaps their most well-known song), You Belong Here (featured in American Idol promos), and one of my personal favorites, Never Take Friendship Personal.

So, do you have a concert incident to share?

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