Ok guys. It's the offseason. The playoffs are well underway and The Dallas Stars are once again on the sidelines. The cup will be won before we know it, and then the draft will be the talk of the town. Trades and signings will take place, and then after a few months of training camps and roster adjustments, the pre-season will be underway. Until then, let's have some fun.

You're Joe Nieuwendyk, GM extraordinaire of your beloved Stars. Who are your untouchables and who are you willing to shop?

I'll start with listing the roster (*note- including players who are pending UFA's and prospects that are possibly no longer under contract):

Benn- Untouchable

Vincour- Willing to listen; rather not trade him.

Burish- not gonna qualify him.

Dowell- free agency

Dvorak- free agency

Eriksson- untouchable

Fiddler- touchable

Garbutt- willing to listen, but not in a hurry to shop him (who's gonna ask?)

Morrow- touchable

Nystrom- touchable

Ott- touchable

Petersen- free agency

Ribeiro- touchable

Ryder- touchable, but not shopping him.

R. Smith- willing to listen for the right price.

Wandell- touchable

Daley- touchable, but not shopping him actively.

Fistric- touchable.

Goligoski- willing to listen, but not actively shopping him.

Larsen- willing to listen.

Pardy- touchable

Robidas- touchable

Souray- I would offer him a 1 year deal for the right price.

Bachman- not shopping him.

Lehtonen- not shopping him.

Campbell- untouchable.

Raycroft- free agency

Chiasson- untouchable

A. Smith- willing to listen.

Oleksiak- untouchable.

Glennie- touchable

Wathier- touchable.

Lindgren- probably never will play in the NHL, but if there's interest in his rights for a late pick- yes please!

Sawada- career AHL'er.

Fortunas- career AHL'er.

Godard- touchable.

Lukowich- touchable; AHL leader.

Schultz- I listed him, but who cares.

Spang- AHL'er

Morin- 4th line utility player? Touchable

Nemeth- untouchable.

Ritchie- touchable.

Guptill-willing to listen, but not shopping him.

Stransky- untouchable (I have faith in this guy becoming a good player for us)

Dillon- not shopping him.

Fraser- I'd listen. Good trade piece, assuming he has value to teams that don't know of him.

Klingberg- Untouchable. I like him. High risk, but high reward player who may have most offensive upside on our D.

Sceviour- touchable, but would be a nice addition to our checking lines.

Jokipakka- touchable.

Winkler- touchable. Could be a good depth player. Maybe.

Beskorowany- touchable

Vance- I'd listen, but I'm not in a rush to move him.

Jordie Benn- touchable.

Bergin- touchable.

Coyle- touchable

Esposito- touchable. Probably little, to no trade value.

Gazdic- touchable. Do we need an enforcer? Could be an ok 13th or 14th forward for us.

Hauswirth- touchable. No value.

King- No value.

Korostin- Ruined relationship with Stars organization. 2nd Tier Russian League lifer.

Labrie- touchable. But probably no value.

McKenzie- Touchable, but not actively trading him. I like him as a depth player.

Molin- Wildcard center prospect. A position we don't have a lot of in the system. I'd keep him.

Neal- Not much upside.

Sacchetti- Probably going to have to claw his way back into the hockey world with a great camp.

Stefanovich- Maybe he comes to Texas this summer and is impressive in camp. But more realistically, he never plays in North America again.

Theriau- touchable.

Tousignant- touchable. Thought he could be our next pest, but injuries have really slowed him down.

If there's anyone I missed, feel free to add.

Your turn!

This is a user-created FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Defending Big D. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable hockey and Dallas Stars fans.

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