Week of 4-16 OT Thread

I promise you this will be rewritten entirely as the week progresses. This is one of two really crazy weeks I have to endure as classes start to wind down.

Right now though I'm in the middle of a sticky situation, as the people in charge of my apartment sent me a "rent overdue" email, and gave us today at 5:00 PM to get the payment in time. The big problem is that my father sent them a check with the payment last week, and it has not cleared, so we don't know where that check is. Hopefully this is because the management company screwed up and will find the check and accept the payment, but if they don't find it I'm going to have a really long day.

I'm sorry I don't have anything else to write about besides my current crisis. Once this is all taken care of, I will add stuff to this post so that you all will be able to relate to stuff in the post, and therefore discuss it.

[UPDATE 12:00 PM]: Situation taken care of. Yay.

Here's a question I want to ask you all: What will journalism look like ten years down the road? Will there still be newspapers, or will it all be electronic?

I've been listening to a lot of deadmau5 over the last couple of weeks. What's your opinion on music like his? I think it's good focus music since there are no words to them.

In baseball news, there was a triple play yesterday! In fact, one so rare it's the first time it's ever happened. Story here.

Speaking of baseball, here's Kelly Shoppach "sliding" into second base as he's stealing it. Shoppachslide_medium


By the way, did you hear that the MLB wants to ban .gifs? Why do you want to put me out of business? Okay it's not a job it's a hobby. Point is, why ban .gifs? Moments such as the one above are awesome and just demand to be remembered in .gif form. Do you all agree? Yes you do. Don't lie.

By the way, next season (there will be one have faith people) I will make some more awesome .gifs for you all.

Also, I'm in the process of making a Dallas Stars highlight reel, but finding clean video for that is pretty difficult. But I could use your help! In the comments list the highlights I should include, and PLEASE provide the date in which the game took place. It will be much easier for me to find.

Thank you and have a wonderful week.

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