DBD Fantasy Hockey League Championship Preview

Well it all comes down to this. An exciting season of ups and downs will end this week with a titanic clash between Benn Caught Stealin', Once (BSCO) and Shiny Happy Lupul (SHL).

SHL comes into this matchup with a 14-7 overall record and averaging just over 70 points per game (good for second in the league). He is currently on a 7 game winning streak including a dominating 50-point blowout over The Ott of War in round 1 of the playoffs. Durring his streak Lupul has relied on stellar goaltending to propel his team to victory. Both goaltenders Mike Smith and American all star Ryan Miller have been playing lights out. However, the Coyotes current decline has taken some of the danger out of this high scoring goaltending duo and this could hurt Lupul during this two-week battle, especially if Phoenix is knocked out of contention.

BCSO enters the finals on a 2-game winning streak including an exciting come from behind win over last years defending champion Norman Ice Pirates (damn you Cory Crawford) in round 1 of the playoffs. While BCSO struts a stellar 15-6 regular season record, his 63.4 points per game barely puts him in the top half of the league (7 out of 16). BCSO relies heavily on certain all stars to carry his team. Anze Kopitar has been lights out during this recent L.A. offensive surge averaging 2.2 ppg in his last 15. Players like Vanek, Seabrook, and RNH have also played vital roles in BSCO's success in the playoffs. While BCSO lacks the powerful one two punch SHL has in net, BCSO sports arguably the most valuable goalie of the year in Marc-Andre Fleury who is averaging 3.3 ppg in his last 15. BCSO needs his role players to start producing if he is to match the highflying offense of SHL.

Vegas odds makers have SHL as a slight favorite at -8, even as BCSO is the top seeded team. All in all, this should be a fantastic final battle for the coveted DBD Fantasy Trophy.


BCSO - 142, SHL 150


BCSO - Nikolai Kulemin (out for remainder of season), Alexander Semin (DTD), Andrej Meszaros (out for remainder of season), Mathie Garon (out indefinitely)

SHL - Joffrey Lupul (out indefinitely), Duncan Keith (SSPD), Clarke MacArthur (DTD)

Game Notes:

These two teams have met once before, a 75.7 - 68.8 victory for BCSO. Both teams won their division. This is the second DBD Fantasy Championship, both of these teams are expansion teams as this is their first year in the league.

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