NHL Tradedeadline 2012

Who should the Stars target?

I was looking at some of the names that could be in play, via, and considering some of the other names often rumored as well. So far, they've listed Tuomo Ruutu and Travis Moen as players that the Stars could be looking at.

I can't help but think that Ruutu, the oft-injured center, is a guy that Dallas should avoid. I would prefer that if The Stars do go after a top 6 forward, that they should get someone who could provide more than secondary scoring, on a consistent level. That means- not someone who has a history of being on IR. A gritty depth forward would be a nice acquisition, and it always is nice to see guys join the roster who are "difficult to play against". One thing to consider however, is that with a plethora of depth forwards already in Dallas or Cedar Park, and several on the way from the college, European leagues and junior hockey, The Stars may not want to cramp opportunities that could be had by younger, more affordable (already contracted) forwards.

Having said that, here's a list of players I'd like to see GM Joe Nieuwendyk and Co. inquiring about:

Bobby Ryan (ANA)- unlikely, unless we pay heavily, but he's so talented and can line up at either C or wing. And, he's younger than guys like Iginla or Nash, and perhaps more versatile.

Zach Parise (NJD)- talented; his father was a North Star. Perhaps that would entice him to consider a move to Dallas.

Alexander Semin (WAS)- I'm digging here- again. But if The Stars could pry him from the grasp of the Capitals, they'd have a legitimate forward who would put fans in the stands and who could show the Stars faithful that a new day has come, and that they are going to be competive with the NHL's Elite.

Of course I wouldn't be opposed to acquiring Iginla, as Dallas could afford his contract, especially if Morrow were to go the other way. And he provides excellent leadership and is a recognizable name. Why not? That said, one of the above would be a far more exciting addition, in my eyes.

As for defense, I, like many others, would be thrilled with an addition like Weber or Suter. I always hoped we'd get Del Zotto or Staal from the Rangers for Richards, but that didn't happen. And I hoped we could make a move for Burns or Bogosian last summer. That also did not happen. Should we not be able to up the ante on defense and acquire a top defender, there are some other guys that Dallas could look at.

Keaton Ellerby (FLA)- a first round pick from a few years ago. Still young, at 24, and mammoth sized. He would be a great shutdown defender and I'm curious if Nieuwendyk has his sights on any Panthers players, given his tenure with the team as a player and in training as an executive.

Dan Girardi (NYR)- If Del Zotto or Staal couldn't be had from the Rangers last year, maybe this guy could? Doubt it, but I would love to see him in a Stars uniform. And while we're at it, how about a blockbuster deal to acquire Ansimov and Wolski? Not likely, but perhaps Wolski could become yet another successful Stars reclamation project.

Who are you guys hoping for?

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