Defending Big D Community Project: In Memoriam - Karlis Skrastins

DALLAS - FILE: Karlis Skrastins #37 of the Dallas Stars skates against the Anaheim Ducks at the American Airlines Center on October 26, 2010 in Dallas, Texas. According to reports September 7, 2011, Karlis Skrastins, a former NHL player, died when a plane carrying the KHL's Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team crashed after taking off near the city of Yaraslavl in Russia. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The outporing of the Defending Big D community of well-wishes and prayers for the Skrastins family has been overwhelming. There is also a sense that the community wants to do something in rememberance for Karlis Skrastins. Brandon mentioned in the fanpost regarding the idea: "Thanks to some great ideas by you guys and awesome initiative by Trevor, DBD is going to be heading up this project." We've put together a plan to allow everyone who wishes to participate in the creation of a 'fanbook' in rememberance of our fallen comrade.

What we wish to do is to collect handwritten notes from fans and organize them into a book that will be bound and given to the family. The idea is to celebrate the ways in which Skrastins touched each of us by writing our best memories or experiences down on paper. We want all fans to write whatever they want to express from their hearts, which is why we are being intentionally vague on what we are looking for. 

Once all of the notes are collected, we will be putting them together on pages to be bound. Page design is still to be determined -- if you have ideas, send them to me. We will then put a few ideas for page design/look to a vote by the community so that everyone has a say in how letters/notes are presented. 

We're also hoping to organize a Saturday for those interested in helping to put the pages together. Once we figure out the date(s) for this, we will let you all know details. We will also be scanning each note so that we can make a digital copy of the final product for everyone to be able to access and read (as the hardcopy is going to the family.)

For those fans in the DFW area, handwritten notes/letters can be delivered to me in person at any of the following events:

Sept 22nd - preseason game vs Colorado (section 102 row H)
October 5th and 6th - Stars open practices (I'll be there the full practice time)
October 7th - home opener (section 113 row B)
October 21st - Allen Americans home opener (section TBD)
October 27th - Stars home game vs. LA (section 115 row L)
October 29th - Stars home game vs. NJ (section TBD)

And any other dates/times as needed. I will work as I can to meet people that can't make it to one of these so that your handwritten notes/letters can be included. This can be coordinated directly with me, please send me an email or catch me on Twitter if you need to arrange a different delivery date/time and we'll work out what works for both of us.

For those out of town or unable to meet me in person, notes can be sent to me for printing and inclusion into the book via email.  Handwritten notes can also be mailed physically to me at the following address:

Taylor Baird
P.O. Box 1970
Addison, TX 75001-1970

Deadline for letters/notes to be included in the book is the end of October. We plan to have the book completely done and ready for delivery to the family by the holiday time. This isn't something we can do in a week's time, nor should we - it deserves appropriate attention to look the best we can make it.

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