My NHL Playoffs

So I'm in a league for NHL 2K11 on wii. It was a full 82 game schedule with 30 players. I know people might be asking "Why would a bad mf like you be playing a 2k game? And on wii?" I switched to 2k in '05, I just like the game play better. The graphics might not be as good. But that's about the only thing I think is better in the ea games. I don't care about all of their gimmicks and game modes. I just care about game play, and online capabilities. 2k isn't making a hockey game next year, but I'll deal with that in a few months. And the only reason I bought a wii is for the hockey game. I thought it would be way fun...and it is. 


Now for some season highlites........ Of course I was the Stars

I finished with a record of 56-18-8 for 120 points. I won the Pacific and got the 2nd seed in the West. Edmonton had 141 points winning the President's Trophy.

I made two trades. Niskanen for Goligosky, and Petersen for Brad Winchester.

Here's what my lines look like










Some player stats....

Morrow 58g 49a 107p +43

Richards 56g 43a 99p +48

Eriksson 48g 52a 100p +57

Ribeiro 41g 54a 95p +43

Neal 44g 37a 81p +51

Benn 28g 38a 66p +43

Ott 30g 12a 42p -2

Burrish 13g 26a 39p -6

Robidas 6g 47a 53p +47

Grossman 5g 31a 36p +45

Skrastins 1g 21a 22 p +20

Daley 4g 26a 30p +29

Lehtonen Started 56 games, played in 70 for a record of  29-18-5, 3.20 gaa .880 sp

Raycroft started 26 games played in 30 for a record of 16-6-1, 3.46 gaa .871 sp

West playoff seeds

1 Edmonton

2 Dallas

3 Detroit

4 Minnesota

5 Anaheim

6 Phoenix

7 Vancouver

8 San Jose

Dallas vs Vancouver

game-1 Dallas 6 vancouver 2

game-2 Dallas 3 Vancouver 0

game-3 Dallas 2 Vancouver 0

game-4 Dallas 4 Vancouver 3

Edmonton beat San Jose in 5

Anaheim beat Minnesota in 4

Waiting on Detroit and Phoenix

The next round is where it's gonna get hairy. The players left are really good. So we'll see how the rest of the tourney goes! Here's a link to the league page...

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