An Alternative to Jamieson Oleksiak...

Hello I'm new  but have read this blog for quite a while.

Reading all the comments and watching the games has shown that the stars are lacking a big shut down defenceman that we would be able to get from some such as Jamieson Oleksiak... I've been looking at some people later on in the draft rankings and I came across another large defenceman who might provide this role for us a few years down the road without having to use up a 1st round pick for it.

Troy Vance, Defenceman, 6'6", Ranked 149 overall in the final north american rankings. Looking for this guy on the internet has provided some interesting things like:

'Troy Vance, D Victoriaville (QMJHL)-Gigantic 6-6 defenseman joined les Tigresat mid-season and was a revelation as a hard-nosed shutdown defender with some decent mobility and better skills than his statistics might indicate. The New York native who grew up in Pennsylvania needs to improve his footwork and get a little stronger on his skates, but he has some potential as a sleeper and poor man's Jamie Oleksiakat least. His size can't be taught, and while extremely raw, has the kind of projectable tools NHL clubs are willing to take a chance on.'

'All signs point to 6-foot-5, 203-pound defenseman Troy Vance being a dark horse blue-chip prospect in the upcoming 2011 NHL Entry Draft. Ranked 187th overall by NHL Central Scouting at the mid-season report, the 17-year-old has since then come in and played very well for the QMJHL’s Victoriaville Tigres, scoring 1 goal, 3 assists, and was a plus-8 with 21 penalty minutes in 23 games. The native of Warwick, PA has also been excellent for the Tigres in the playoffs thus far, scoring a goal and an assist in the clubs first three games. Before joining Victoriaville, Vance suited up for 18 games with the Philadelphia Revolution of the EJHL, putting up 1 goal and 3 points. He also spent sometime withtheir Jr. B squad, scoring 10 points, on 1 goal and 9 assists. The Colossus American is a good skater with tremendous vision and hockey IQ, has a nice shot, gets engagedphysically when he needs to, and although he sees himself as more of an offensive blueliner, he is more than capable of being responsible in his own end. Vance has sured up a Victoriaville back end that had been tumultuous to start the season.' 

Plus this youtube video shows he isn't scared of using big hits. 

So I was wondering about what people thought... We have someone we can get much further down the draft who is big, can play physically and at some point down the line could be a looming presence on the dallas blue line... It would most defiantly free up a first round pick for a forward if we wanted.

Anyway, thanks. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also any reasons why it would be a disastrous choice that I can't see because I'm a new fan would also be helpful. Cheers

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