Stargazing: Friday Reading on Another Newsless Afternoon

Two Monday's in a row Stars fans were treated to headlines intimating that a purchase agreement and backruptcy court proceedings could possibly be announced at the "end of the week" and here we are again late on a Friday afternoon, where news cycles go to die, with no news.

The optimist in you might assume they'll wait for Monday to roll around because that's when you announce things you want publicized. Good things. Friday afternoons are when you jettison unsavory political news or jobs reports to minimize their consumption and analysis. Yeah, let's go with that.

With the Metroplex currently holding it's collective breath on the precipice of ecstasy or humiliation where the Dallas Mavericks are concerned, it's hard to find much hockey related news, but we'll try today on Stargazing.

And don't forget: Go Bruins.


  • See Mike Modano in a video produced for the NBA Finals where Dallas legends remind the Mavs that "now is the time." Though, having been there for game 4 I think the Ron Washington "That's the was basketball go" drop played at the conclusion of the video was the best part. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Speaking of the Mavs, if championship day dreaming has you reflecting on the city's last champion: The 1999 Dallas Stars, you may be interested to know that Pat Verbeek is working for the Lightning these days. [Petrolia Topic]
  • Richard Durrett writes a column at ESPN Dallas rehashing Joe Nieuwendyk quotes on the coaching search you've probably already seen. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Former Dallas Star Bill Guerin enjoyed a year of retirement but will now go to work for the Pittsburgh Penguins as a player development coach. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Marty Turco is working on his television career as the Finals wear on, not that he thinks his playing days are necessarily over yet. [SunTimes]
  • An obscure note in a really spare place claims the Leafs and Rangers are in a bidding war for Richards rights. I only mention it as humor. []
  • The Winnipeg Whatevers are just one more time now for GM Joe to contend with in his coaching search and could be looking Mr. Mullers way. [Slam]
  • And finally, Larry Brooks, veteran writer at the NY Post, is telling his twitter followers that there's no way Brad Richards is coming to the Rangers. Like every other report out there, it means nothing right now. [Twitter]
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