SBJ: Dallas Stars Television Ratings Improve 23%

According to a report from the Sports Business Journal the Dallas Stars television ratings on Fox Sports Southwest for the 2010-2011 season are up 23% over the 2009-2010 season, and the team pulled a .91 ratings share.

We can't read the Sports Business Journal report of course, because there is a pay-wall there but lucky for us poor, poor bloggers sitting in our mothers basements in our boxer shorts Puck Daddy has much opulence in their lives and posted the pertinent pieces of information on Yahoo!, so check it out there.

The top five markets were:

Top 5 Ratings Changes (Avg. 2010-11 Rating)

1. Boston Bruins, NESN: 43.8% (3.12, No. 4 overall)
2. Tampa Bay Lightning, Sun Sports: 40.0% (0.84)
3. St. Louis Blues, FS Midwest: 31.8% (3.07, No. 5 overall)
4. Dallas Stars, FS Southwest: 23.0% (0.91)
5. Chicago Blackhawks, CSN Chicago: 12.3% (2.74)

Those people in St. Louis might write crude hockey blogs but they love their hockey in that city, no doubt about that. An increase over last year (which I believe was also an increase over the year before that) is surprising given the teams shrinking number of games on public television (TXA-21) and the increase in games seen (or rather unseen) on the Fox Sports Alternate channel.

Fox Sports is making an effort, we hear, to make Fox Sports Ocho (or whatever they call it) akin to "ESPN 2" and not just a bunch of dead air apart from a couple of Stars and Houston Rockets games every now and then, so hopefully this will increase visibility for these games and give FSN a reason to extend the Stars TV deal when it expires in 2014.

Last season the channel guides on several cable providers did not even display the correct information when a Stars game was on the alternate channel, and I spent half the year watching FSN+ on the "Big Ten 4" network before Verizon added an official channel.

A big February and March would have no doubt bolstered the increase, but alas, no. Puck Daddy says the Stars were 17th overall in the league with 19,000 households watching. (Up 35.7% from last year)

Somewhere Razor is taking credit for all of it. And why not?

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