Hypothetical: What if the Stars Changed Their Goal Song?

Ever since I've been a fan of hockey, goal horns have always interested me. If I had to make a top 5 list for best horns, I'd rank them in the following order:

1. Dallas Stars (I know this is a biased pick, but come on. Our horn is awesome)

2. Chicago Blackhawks (That thing is LOUD)

3. Detroit Red Wings (Yes, it's very bad of me to rank them in my top 5 because it's Detroit, but that horn is fierce)

4. New York Rangers (their song afterwards is very unique. Points for that)

5. Philadelphia Flyers (I am fully aware that Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Columbus, Boston, and Toronto all have horns in that exact same pitch [C#], but the Flyers version of the horn sounds like it's engulfing the entire arena with its power, and that's why I rank it such)

Ever since the Stars have been in Dallas, after every goal, Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll Part 2" has played afterwards as the fans chant "Hey!" along with it. This tradition is a part of our fan culture, and I don't see dying anytime soon.

However, I've always been curious as to what if our goal horn was followed by a song other than "RNRP2." I got a chance to hear that back in 2007 when Dallas hosted the All-Star Game, but I can't remember the songs they used, aside from Zombie Nation's "Kernkraft 400 (Sports Chant Remix [as titled on iTunes])" or Blur's "Song 2." In my opinion, neither of those songs fit with the horn blast, but perhaps that's because I've been accustomed to hearing "RNRP2" for so long, hearing anything different is foreign.

In Chicago's case, their goal horn was followed by the organ riff until the 2008-2009 season, when they went against tradition completely by having "Chelsea Dagger" play instead. Due to their team's recent success, partly due to the significant impact Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Duncan Keith have had on the team, to name a few, their team has attracted a realm of new fans. I can say that "Chelsea Dagger" has also had a part in that too, because they still play the song and the fans sing very loudly to it. My point is, the Blackhawks did away with tradition when choosing a new song to follow their goal horn; however, they were also blessed with a fun team to watch (if you don't despise them), and the song they chose contains a catchy chorus (I know there are plenty of people here who disagree with this notion), allowing to fans can sing along in unison and joy.

Seeing Chicago's change in goal song got me thinking: What if we did the same thing? What if we did away with almost eighteen years of RNRP2 and replaced it with something totally new? What impact would this have on the fans, the Stars, and the opposing teams?

Would we do what the New York Rangers have (a song called "Slapshot," with fans chanting "Let's go Rangers!" in it) and play a song in which the fans chant "Let's Go Stars!" in the middle of it? I know we have Pantera's song for the beginning of games, but I don't think that song fits well with our goal horn. It's just not the right rhythm, in my opinion, to follow a goal horn blast.

Or, would we pick a song and add words to the instrumental portions of it? If the Stars for some reason decide they want to use the heavy riffs from "Knights of Cydonia" after every goal, could the fans find a place in the rhythm of the song to chant "Hey! Hey! Let's go Stars!" and have fun doing it? Vancouver Canucks fans chant "Hey!" to parts of Green Day's "Holiday," and while I'm still wondering why they picked that song to follow their goal horn, the fans made it work for them. I'll also add the Los Angeles Kings to this list because after "I Love LA" they play some random instrumental rock song in which their fans chant "Hey" every second and fourth beat of the song.

I'm not suggesting that we change our goal song. I'm only throwing out the idea that if the Stars did change the song, and picked one that fits well with the goal horn, would fans be open to the change? More importantly, would you be?

Is there a song out there that can fit well with our goal horn, excite our fans, and give the opposing team nightmares from playing here? Our goal horn alone can induce nightmares (ask any Sharks fan, especially the commenters on Fear the Fin), but "Chelsea Dagger" has caused horrible memories for the Vancouver Canucks.

Here's a video of the Vancouver Canucks locker room with a few players listening to "Chelsea Dagger." Watch their reactions.


Vancouver Canucks getting rattled by Chelsea Dagger (via ryanschaap)

It's interesting what a song can do to a player given its context. As you see here, it was obviously nightmarish.

My question to you all is this: What song would you pick if you wanted to change the goal song?

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