John Klingberg and Jokerit Helsinki.

It isn't news anymore, but since my favorite team in Finland is Jokerit, it might be cool to share some thoughts here about this one.

First the man himself. John Klingberg. Dallas drafted him in fifth round and the reason was his size. He wasn't that tall.

Well, he is now tall enough, 186cm. Like 73,2 inches?

 26 games in Elitserien with 0+5.

He played also in U20 World juniors and they liked him there.

There are others who write much better about stats and information like that. I will not be doing that.


I want to share some thoughts about Jokerit Helsinki and why this might be cool thing. For fans of Jokerit and if something good comes from this, for fans of Stars.


Jokerit is very hard place to succeed. Many players have been good before and after their time with this team. But... If you make it there, you have a chance in NHL.

Just ask Tim Thomas, Valtteri Filppula, Ville Leino, Glen Metropolit, Kari Lehtonen and Brian Campbell was better player also after his time with the team. And then there is Selanne, who will never stop playing...


So, will Klingberg have some hard times here? Yes. Only one-year contract, so his time might not last long.

But then there is this. GM of Jokerit is Jarmo Kekalainen, some of you might remember his time with Ottawa and St.Louis. Before that he was the GM of Hifk, another team from Helsinki. He made the team that were champs and as much as I hate them... They had too great defenders that were picks of Kekalainen. Marek Zidlicky and Brian Rafalski.

Wonder where those guys went later...

Jokerit also got Erkka Westerlund as their coach last season and he is someone who could teach some really good things to Klingberg. He might get some real good minutes and since his shot is right-handed, he is needed. I would love to see him play some minutes with Ossi Vaananen, but it remains to be seen.


I don't see any reason to write much more, yet.

This all might be failure and he could go back to Sweden.

But here are some cool things about the environment, where he will be heading. It might offer something really cool.

They really like Klingberg in Sweden and it's fun to see young player like this in Finland, I know he could have stayed in Sweden, so no worries there.

If all is good, some more will come later, but right now... Something to wait, if you live in Finland and love them Stars.

This is a user-created FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Defending Big D. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable hockey and Dallas Stars fans.

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