ESPN Jury has Stars as deadline losers

I couldn't help but wonder about the Trade deadline talk over at ( Scott Burnside and Pierre LeBrun both think the Stars will probably feel like losers after this deadline. They both still think, that Brad Richards should have been traded and as such turned into promising prospects and good young players.


Can't help but think Joe Nieuwendyk will kick himself over not moving the most sought-after player at the deadline, especially if the Stars miss the playoffs, and he will double-kick himself if he can’t get Richards to re-sign in Dallas after that. Not sure he got full value for James Neal in an earlier deal with Pittsburgh, and now he may lose a guy who could have helped restock the team for years to come.


One NHL GM told recently that Joe Nieuwendyk had the most unenviable situation in recent memory on his hands in Brad Richards. Trade him and you likely wreck your playoff chances. Keep him and you risk getting nothing in return for a valuable asset next July. Nieuwendyk would have been second-guessed no matter what he chose to do, in this case keeping Richards for the playoff run. If the Stars have a deep run, it'll be the right call. If they miss the playoffs or lose in the first round, it’ll be deemed a brutal decision. Unfair, but the truth.

I can agree with both that the judgement will have to wait, but mostly on the trade Neal-for-Goligoski. Of course we are risking something by keeping Brad Richards, but as Nieuwendyk said himself: We need Richards the way every possible trading partner would've needed him! Still can't believe that that's not in the brains of the national coverage.

Let's just hope for a big playoff run from the Stars, so the jury will be a good one for GM Joe and the Stars. 

Best regards from Germany. Go Stars!

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