Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Defeat Islanders, Take To Twitter

I know I should probably fill this space with something about Jamie Benn and Loui Eriksson breaking out of their respective slumps or the Dallas Stars goalie decision for today - go with the hot hand in Richard Bachman or stick with the script and turn to Andrew Raycroft?

But instead, I'm going to present you Fun With Twitter, which the Stars players indulged in after last night's 3-2 win over the New York Islanders. I know several of you saw this exchange last night, but it was awesome enough that I think it needs to be brought to the masses.

Apparently a traffic-laden bus trip through New York City on the way to the hotel for tonight's New Jersey Devils game sent several of the Stars scurrying to their cell phones after the game, started by this gem from Steve Ott.

#PeskyStars shut your mouth again, special thanks to @Minimo1zero for the super boost in the 2nd #straightlegged

While Alex Goligoski had also jumped online, it was Brenden Morrow who saw Ott's Tweet first.

@otter2nine you returned the favor in the 3rd with that dirty sauce. #sweetmitts

Naturally, Goligoski couldn't that exchange go unnoticed.

Nice to see @Minimo1zero and @otter2nine pat each other on the back via twitter tonight #socialnetworking #cute

And thus the back-patting really commenced as Ott, probably sitting three rows away on the bus, added this.

@gollygoose33 @minimo1zero sorry goose you were amazing 24 mins pacey, great job... #leftout #feelingshurt

Eric Nystrom was also feeling left out.

@otter2nine @gollygoose33 @minimo1zero what about me guys?? #NeedReassurance #insecure

And the captain made sure team chemistry wouldn't be disrupted.

@enystrom23 Hell of a game in the house dad helped build! #mustogbeenthehomecookedmeal

I don't know what Sheldon Souray (@SSouray) or Mark Fistric (@Fistric28) were doing during this, but Razor (@Razor5Hole) was dashing across Times Square for a pretzel. This was Twitter greatness in a nutshell.

After the jump, plenty more on the Stars win over the Islanders and their game tonight with the Devils, the national media picks up on the Bachman storyline and the ickiest adult-league hockey story I've seen.

  • Mike Heika brings you notes and quotes from the win over the Isles including this nugget - the Stars are 17-1-0 when allowing two or fewer goals (that one loss being the superbly played 1-0 loss to the Los Angeles Kings) and 1-10-0 in games where they allow three or more (the one win being the 7-6 victory over the Colorado Avalanche). There's also an update on the health of Tomas Vincour, who has a "minor" knee injury and will be out tonight. [DallasNews.com]
  • Another thing that's been good for the Stars this year is one-goal games, which is highlighted in this gamer. [ESPN Dallas]
  • The DMN's paywalled gamer seems to be about how the Stars don't care about style points as long as the result ends up in their favor. [DallasNews.com]
  • The Islanders are not happy with giving up a third-period lead, no matter how brief that third-period lead might have been. [New York Daily News]
  • Our friends over at Lighthouse Hockey think this game is the result of some growing pains from the team's youngsters and a less-than-stellar evening from Mark Streit. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Bachman's performance is starting to get more attention around the league, with words like "calm" being thrown around. [Puck Daddy]
  • And the people over at Backhand Shelf really enjoyed Morrow's little get-up-and-go shove to Ott. [Backhand Shelf]
  • The highlight of this behind-the-scenes photo entry, at least for me, is trying to imagine what a game of "full-contact wall tennis" would entail, even if it's only between Loui Eriksson and Vernon Fiddler. [DallasStars.com]
  • Meet the enemy, part the first: Travis Zajac will make his season debut for the New Jersey Devils tonight after August surgery for a torn Achilles tendon. Um, ow. [NorthJersey.com]
  • Meet the enemy, part the second: The game is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. central. The ceremony to retire Scott Niedermayer's jersey is scheduled for 5:45 p.m. I can't imagine how long the Mike Modano ceremony will take if this is the benchmark. [ESPN New York]
  • Around the Pacific Division: Points for everyone! All four Pacific Division teams who played Thursday, including the Stars, came away with two points. The Kings came back with two third-period goals to beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 2-1, the Phoenix Coyotes doubled up the Edmonton Oilers 4-2 and the San Jose Sharks used three unanswered third-period goals for a 5-4 win over the Colorado Avalanche. [NHL.com/Associated Press/San Jose Mercury News]
  • As someone who plays in adult-league hockey with a bunch of boys who take things way too seriously (no, darling teammates, the fact that 72 percent of NHL goals are scored from the slot has no bearing on us since half the team is still working on the art of stopping), I seriously can't fathom this story. Here is how not to handle the aftermath of a fight. [Deadspin]
  • Before entertaining us all on Twitter, Brenden Morrow talked to the media after Thursday's win. Is it me or is he going full beard for this trip?
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