Benn vs. Richards... Addition Through Subtraction?

So I thought I would start comparing Benn to Richards in stats and things to see how close they really are. Also, I was kind of curious as to how much the Stars are actually missing Richards right about now so I gathered up the NYR stats on him as well. I included a few of the intangibles and behind the scenes that I thought were worth just a quick mention. See all that after the jump...


Brad Richards Stars 10-11 6 12 18 9 6 3 0 45 13.33% 22.69 271.75 45.15%
Brad Richards NYR 11-12 4 6 10 -1 2 1 0 29 13.79% 23.15 286 49.75%
Jamie Benn Stars 10-11 3 6 9 -3 12 2 0 31 9.68% 22.00 200 34.80%
Jamie Benn Stars 11-12 4 11 15 6 16 0 1 37 10.81% 23.46 228 52.97%


I didn't really feel the need of going through much more after I compiled a spreadsheet of the first 13 games (the total GP of Richards this season) via ESPN's game log tool and saw this. Pretty amazing considering I left out tonight's game for Benn (1G, 2A, +2) just to make it an even comparison across the board.


You can't really use the excuse of Richards having tired legs already since this is early in the season, and this is when the Stars were trending well last season. Another excuse you may try to use is that they have different casts surrounding them, but if you go off that then have the Rangers dropped a pretty penny to have a significantly worse crew around Richards? More intangibles that others may or may not appreciate is that it seemed when Richards was on the ice it was more like our 2 defense men were having to handle 3 forwards (2 wingers and the center) while Richards became somewhat of a paperweight out there being moved around easy enough where he would probably have been better off just hopping off ice whenever the Stars had to play some D. Benn on the other hand has become a puck stripping king and has scored off that ability more than once. This adept skill has also led to several Stars scoring chances which is another hidden commodity (although I hear others on this site are working to make that not so hidden!) or assists from teammates burying well placed passes off the steal.


I'm looking forward to the rest of this season, and if this keeps up the Stars better pay Benn whatever he wants as he is certainly our best bet at a superstar in the making!

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