[UPDATED] Quick get together before the Leaf's game on 25th?

[UPDATE:] Well, the Fan never got back to me on the private room area, so I'm not expecting that to happen at this point.  But I went in after the game on Wednesday night and scoped out the place. There's a lot of room, and I don't think it will be too packed a couple of hours before the game, so we should be fine.  I plan on being there at 5:00-5:30 and then heading out about an hour before the game starts.  I know Henri will be there, and if you guys haven't met him yet, you definitely should!

When I get there, I'll try to set up shop right in front of the doors (By the radio broadcast booth).  Wherever I am, look for the "Defend Big D!!" sign that made it on the jumbotron last night.  I'll have that out and visible to help make meeting up easier.

See you guys there! [/UPDATE]



Hey guys,

I know a lot of us will be in town and at the game against the Leafs on Friday the 25th, so I thought I'd see if anyone was up for meeting up a little bit before the game.  I'd love to meet all of you, but once the game starts, I'm usually glued to my seat.... So I thought a pre-game "hello" would work out better.

Would anyone else be up for it?

The Fans Sports Lounge is just across the street.  They had their grand opening this week, and the place looks fantastic.  I was thinking about meeting up here before the game begins. I was planning on being there a couple hours early, to eat and drink (plus I like to get to the AAC early to watch warm ups, too).  It looks like they have a couple of private areas, so if enough of us are interested in going there early enough to eat/drink pre-game, I could see about reserving the area.

So how bout it? Y'all want to meet up there?  And if so, would you want to be there early enough to grab a bite to eat?

Just a preliminary idea, too. Not set on this location or anything, so if you know of a better place, let me know in the comments!

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