NHL Draft 2012 - An early look


Draft 2012 - An early look

Yesterday the NHL published its first mocks drafts and I felt it was about the right time to write something for any Stars fans that might be interested in possible future Dallas Stars. I'm a little bit of a draft geek (which is why I'm writing this) and have been keeping up to date with various different organisations rankings. Despite the stars very good start, I doubt that we will still be in the 29th pick slot that the NHL mock drafts have us (Though I would be very happy to be proven wrong - But in this case preferably 30th as 29th would mean we got to the finals and lost...)

Therefore I have decided that when examining potential first round picks to look at those players ranked between 14-20th.

Jordan Schmaltz: 6"2 174lbs Defenseman for the Sioux City Musketeers

Scouts think that he is a big offense minded defenseman at his best when quarterbacking the power play. However they also think there are aspects lacking in his physicality. He fits the build of a ‘big team' that the Stars have been drafting in the past 2 years or so. However I personally believe that he will go higher than the 15th rank by Future Considerations, and 21st by the ISS.

Jarrod Maidens: 6"2 185lbs Centre for Owen Sound Attack


Considered a potential Franchise centre and a physical player. Considered a typical power forward. One interesting description of him by scouts ‘Hard to play against'... Maybe perfect for the new look Dallas stars of the future? Ranked 16th by Future considerations and 13th by the ISS

Olli Määttä : 6"2 200lbs Defenseman for the London Knights

Surprised many by picking 1st in the CHL import draft (many considered Mikhail Grigorenko as the natural 1st pick) Big two-way defenseman. Not overtly physically but not afraid to drop the gloves. Not the fastest skater either. However a very interesting prospect. Future Considerations 18th, ISS 16th

Zemgus Girgenson: 6"2 185 lbs centre/right wing for Dubuque Fighting Saints

Big physical Latvian forward with smooth hands. Can shoot well and is reasonable in the defensive zone. He may slip further down the draft if he continues to be inconsistent. Future considerations rank him 20th the ISS rank him 23rd.

Brendan Gaunce:6"2 210lbs Centre Belleville Bulls


At the moment it appears that scouts can't decide on this prospect being ranked by future considerations as 24th while being the ISS 8th. He is a two way forward who is quite physical. Considered to be physically mature enough already for the NHL. However suffers from some inconsistency issues.

For those of you who like to think beyond the first draft and see if you can find some diamonds in the rough I will throw a few names out there of players who have caught my eye. With the extent of high end talent in this years draft its likely that those who would have normally been taken in the late stages of the first round could fall to the 2nd or even 3rd rounds. Here are a few names of players that could be interesting.

Ville Pokka, defenseman 6"0 200lbs of Kärpät in Finland.

Dillon Fournier, Defenseman 6"1 170lbs of Val-d'Or

Tom Wilson Right Wing 6"4, 200lbs of Plymouth

Brian Hart, Right Wing 6"1 190lbs Exeter

Jaynen Rissling, Defenseman 6"3 210lbs Calgary

Dylan Blujus, Defenseman 6"3 180lbs Brampton

Tomas Hertl, Centre, Czech Rep, 6"2, 195lbs Slavia Praha

Radek Faksa, Centre 6"2, 180lbs Kitchener

Branden Troock, Right Wing 6"3 200lbs Seattle

Emil Lundberg, Left Wing Swe Jr., 6"3, 200lbs Sodertalje Jr.

This is a user-created FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Defending Big D. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable hockey and Dallas Stars fans.

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