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I sent an email to DirecTv customer service and here's their response (my original email is at the bottom)....


Fox channels

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Response Via Email(Donabel C. (ID 100394247)) - 10/26/2011 04:02 PM
Dear Mr. Price,

Thanks for writing and for the opportunity to assist you.

I certainly understand your inquiry if there are updates about the Fox channels that might be removed from DIRECTV's channel line up since you have to have my Dallas Stars games. You mentioned that  if these channels will be removed, DIRECTV will lose a lot of customers including yourself. I appreciate being given the chance to respond to your concern and would be glad to provide you with the information that you need. 

For your reference, we have been in discussions to renew our agreement with  News Corporation (News  Corp) and Fox for its Fox Sports channels, Speed, FX and  some other national channels. The  agreement, which expired at midnight on October  31, does not involve either your local  Fox station or Fox News, so those services are not affected.

The channels involved are FX, National Geographic Channel, Speed Channel, Fox  Soccer Channel, Fox Movie Channel, Fox Deportes and FuelTV. Some of you may also  lose the 13 Fox Sports regional networks that televise some college football and NHL  hockey into your home communities. 

To explain further, DIRECTV customers help to pay News  Corp and Fox nearly a billion dollars annually  for their channels and we have no  issue with continuing to provide them fair  compensation. But News Corp is now  demanding that you and our other customers  pay close to 40% more for the same Fox  channels you already receive today and  that's simply unfair. When it comes to providing the best experience at the most reasonable value,  everyone is accountable, and so we want to prevent News Corp/Fox from treating you any differently. 

Mr. Price, switching providers doesn't make anyone immune to programming  disputes. Over the  past decade, News Corp and Fox have been involved in disputes  with DISH Network,  Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Comcast,  Mediacom and  others. In some cases, they've fought with the same cable or satellite  provider (like  DISH and Time Warner Cable) every few years.

This is our first major encounter with these incredibly aggressive tactics. We believe that most of our customers realize these situations usually get resolved quite soon.  And you have alternative ways of keeping up with your favorite series or teams as  DIRECTV has a variety of other channels that carry your games. But our goal is to  restore all of the affected channels as soon as possible and ensure that you continue  to enjoy the best possible experience at a reasonable value.

We recognize that this situation will cause short-term inconvenience, and we  respectfully ask for your patience. In addition, we promise that we'll continue to develop the unique, innovative  programming and services that you  have come to expect from DIRECTV. In the mean  time, please stay tuned to for the latest  information.

We appreciate your business and we don't want to lose you as a customer. Incidentally, after reviewing your account, I see that you may be eligible for a special offer which may include an equipment upgrade or programming discount which provides you with additional savings for being a DIRECTV customer.This offer is available for a limited time and only by calling us at 1-800-531-5000. Please call us at your convenience between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM to see what special offer is best for you.

DIRECTV is still the best place to find the hottest movies, TV shows, music videos, sports, special interest programs - and more. Everything we do is about making sure you enjoy the ultimate TV entertainment experience every day, with the best programming, technology and customer service. You are very important to us and we're hoping to be able serve you for years to come.

Thanks again for writing. I understand this is important to you,  Mr. Price. We will continue to strive to provide the best possible experience to you.


Donna C. - 100394247
DIRECTV Customer Service

P.S. Have a question? Anytime, any topic. Instant answers - The Answer Center provides you helpful information, 24/7, all at your fingertips.

Customer By Web Form (James Price) - 10/26/2011 10:01 AM
Is there any update on the negotiations with Fox? I have to have my Dallas Stars games. You saw what happened with Dish Network last year. You will lose so many customers over this, including myself.




I had TWC when they were having a dispute with Fox. If I remember right it got settled just before the deadline. Honestly, I'm kind of hesitant to switch providers. It's a huge pain, plus I've been happy with DTV so far. Unless they lose all of these channels permanently anyway. Dish customers went a couple of weeks without Fox channels last year. And they lost a ton of customers, especially since there was a basketball season going on then too. So I can't imagine this going on too long. Now I better go call and get my special offer!

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