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Well season 2 of the DBDFHL is in full swing as we complete an extended first week of the season. It has been a very exciting start to the season with some trades and waiver acquistions already changing the landscape of the league. I will try to make these recaps a weekly fixture.

Feel free to check out the league to see how your fellow Stars fans are faring, offer some strategic advice or just talk smack on our chatboard!

The league link is

So without further ado...

We'll start with our defending champion:

**Norman Ice Pirates vs. Benn'd Over**

Our defending champs stumbled out of the gate with a very pedestrian opening week. Top contributers were Brenden Morrow with 8.3 pts and Jonas Hiller in the pipes for 6pts. Benn'd Over had a big week from Henrik Sedin 11.5 pts, Johan Franzen 9.6 pts and Claude Giroux 9.1 pts. Goaltending, however, did them no favors with Rollie the Goalie only posting a 0.5 point week.

Final score: Benn'd Over (1-0-0) 81.6 / Ice Pirates (0-1-0) 69.4

**Texas GreenEggsandHam vs. Irving Rattlers**

Last year's Green Division champions opened their season with a closely contested affair against the Rattlers. This matchup went back and forth all week with the decision coming down to the last game of the week where the Rattlers pulled out the victory. The "Suess Breakfast" got a heroic effort from Penguins d-man Kris Letang 11.2 pts and solid effors from Jussi Jokinen 7.5 pts and Niklas Backstrom 7.4 pts. Goaltending was a concern with Brodeur posting a -2 pts for the week. Irving Rattlers While not having any players in double digit points, the Rattlers had a solid team effort with Evgeni Malkin 7.4pts, James Neal 7.7pts, Drew Stafford 6.8pts and Ian White 6.6pts. Jonathan Quick patrolled the pipes with a solid 8.5pts.

Final score: GreenEggsandHam (0-1-0) 74 / Rattlers (1-0-0) 79.9

**Benn Caught Stealin', Once vs The Frozen Rock**

Staying in the Green division, these two teams put together outstanding points weeks but in the end BCSO got the victory with the 2nd highest point total for the week. Leading the charge for BCSO was a smoking hot Phil Kessel, who was ironicly on the trade block after the draft, with 14.2pts. Other notables were P.A. Parenteau 11.7pts, Anze Kopitar 10.8pts and Thomas Vanek 10.8pts. M.A. Fleury backstopped them with 9.5pts.The Rock had their D corps leading the charge with Chris Pronger 8.3pts and Tim Gleason 8.1pts. Shane Doan led the forwards with 9.9pts and with Niemi still on the shelf Al Montoya salvaged 4.5pts for The Rock.

Final Score: Benn Caught Stealin', Once (1-0-0) 108.7 / The Frozen Rock (0-1-0) 96

**Drop The Gloves vs Fiddler on an Ott Tin Roof**

More Green division action saw Drop The Gloves post the best points total for the week as they ran away from Fiddler 109.8 to 79. Standouts for DtG include Daniel Sedin 10.5pts, Sami Salo 8.9pts and Dion Phaneuf 8.2. Kari Lehtonen was easily the MVP and difference maker in this matchup with 17pts. Fiddler has some talent that has yet to get on track but top performances come from Jiri Hudler 7.6pts, Patrik Berglund 5.9pts and Nik Backstrom in the pipes with 8pts.

Final score: Drop The Gloves (1-0-0) 109.8 / Fiddler on an Ott Tin Roof (0-1-0) 79.

**Providence Ice Dragons vs The Ott of War**

Another close matchup in the Green division saw a winner defined by 3 nights of scoring. In the end it was The Ott of War who pulled away anchored by none other than one Steve Ott with 9.6pts. Other standouts were Alex Steen 9.4pts and Vinny Prospal 8.3. Tomas Vokoun carried the load in the pipes with 11pts. Ice Dragons Jack Johnson on D had a strong 8.8pts and young Bruin Tyler Seguin 7.5pts. Pekka Rinne provided the most points in net with a pedestrian 6pts but weak outings by Tim Thomas left the defending Vezina winner with a -1.5pts.

Final score: Providence Ice Dragons (0-1-0) 75 / The Ott of War (1-0-0) 99.2

**Shiny Happy Lupul vs. Neal to the King**

Over in the Gold division this matchup boiled down to the John Tavares show as he and Matt Moulson also of the Isles posted points of 12.6 and 7.8 respectively. Mix in Dennis Wideman's 7.1pts from the blue line and a timeshare of Ryan Miller 6.5pts and Mike Smith 0.5 points and it was a "Shiny Happy" victory in the end. Neal to the King notables include Dany Heatly 5.6pts and Simone Gagne 5.7pts. Johan Hedberg 4pts and Devan Dubnyk 4.5pts carried the load in the pipes.

Final score: Shiny Happy Lupul (1-0-0) 79.4 / Neal to the King (0-1-0) 53.9

**Grand Prairie 4th Liners vs Spare Ribs**

Staying in the Gold division this matchup featured some phenominal goaltending scoring with Ilya Bryzgalov 15pts holding it down for the 4th Liners while Seymon Varlamov was equal to the task with 14.5 for Spare Ribs. Overall team scoring for the 4th Liners proved too much as Ribs anxiously awaits Sid the Kid to get back onto the ice. Top performers for the 4th Liners were Patrick Kane 8.7pts and Justin Williams 8.1pts. Spare Ribsgot maximum effort from their namesake Mike Ribiero 8.1pts but could use some more consistent scoring from up and down their lineup.

Final score: Grand Prairie 4th Liners (1-0-0) 88.6 / Spare Ribs (0-1-0) 71.4

**Dang Tyutin Fig Newton vs Land Sharks**

Rounding out this weeks action in the Gold division was a real knock down, grind em out matchup. The outcome was decided by only 5.5 points. Fig Newton was led by "Studly Wonderbomb" Sheldon Souray with a whopping 10.5pts and Jason Pominville with 7.8pts. Goaltending was suspect this week but sure to turn around. Land Sharks rode Leafs goaltender James Reimer to 14.5 solid points with contributions from Tomas Plekanec 6.6pts, Keith Yandle 5.3pts and Mikael Samuelsson 5.2pts.

Final score: Dang Tyutin Fig Newton (1-0-0) 65 / Land Sharks (0-1-0) 59.5

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