The Case for Tom Hicks

I know, blasphemous right?  Just freakin' read it.

Ok, so I just read the article about the tweet that was sent from the guy that knows the guy that has a cousin that knows the guy and it really, really got me thinking.  Is Tom Hicks, the person, really what needs to go?  Granted, he's the reason why we couldn't keep the Center we didn't need (I know, salty even though I love and will miss the only reason why I watch hockey in Texas) and the reason we couldn't pay the goalie the money he wanted even though said goalie took money that we were probably willing to offer him.  And he's the reason my effing Premier League soccer team isn't doing dick this season...Well, half the reason.  And he's also the reason I suffered a very painful sale process and the reason I want to cry every time I watch the Rangers as Chuck Greenberg comes on the screen and tells me that it's my team because it makes me that happy.  Welp, guess what...The difference between Tom Hicks and Chuck "Can't do no Wrong" Greenberg is one thing.  I'll give you a hint, it's green, buys happiness, and makes the world go round.  No, not Dallas Stars Hockey, but money.  Should we be pissed at Tom Hicks, or should we be pissed at the stock market for crashing?  Banks, financing houses for anybody with a pulse and coming up with interest only loans and mortgages with variable rates?  Banks hemmoraging money but still finding a way to pay their executives multi million dollar bonuses.  Bernie Madoff?  Enron?

I think everbody can agree that Tom Hicks is not only a bad owner of 1 team but 3 but think about this for just a second.  This is the same Tom Hicks who goes to his GM and says "Make me a successful hockey team, or get fired, and quickly."  He didn't know a damn thing about hockey so what did he do?  He put the people in place that he felt could make his hockey team win.  Keep in mind guys, this is the only man in the Sunbelt to have a profitable franchise, so what does that say about him?  He brought us, and although indirectly, Ed Belfour, Brett Hull, Darien Hatcher to name a few.  Oh and by the way, that fabled Stanley Cup the most difficult trophy in all of sports to win.  There is something respectable about that.  He knew that the only way to have a profitable franchise was to win.  And he was smart enough to figure out who the people he could surround himself with were to make his team a winner.  Not only that, but he stayed the fuck out of the way.  Next, a couple of examples of owners who don't know their role.

Jerry Jones.  I know, more blasphemy.  Speaking of which I guess I should go ahead and tell ya'll who I'm a fan of so you don't think I'm some Dallas hater.  Of course my favorite franchises in order are: Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, and San Antonio Spurs.  I know, "Spurs?"  I was born in San Antonio and that's the first professional sports franchise I've ever seen in person, sooo...Jerry Jones is a damn fine owner.  But he's not a football guy even though he played at Arkansas and the minute they quit winning Super Bowls was the minute he started being GM.  Stephen is actually better suited to run this club.  He got rid of Tank, Pacman, Roy Williams, etc...Jerry is a great face of the franchise in a PR and advertising sort of way, but not a GM.  My example, the Saints.

Mark Cuban.  Meddler.  If Donnie Nelson were really the GM of this team he would have been fired 5 years ago, but we all know Mark plays fantasy GM and if you believe otherwise you're foolish.  Mark makes every decision on this team and Donnie is just a face.

Peter Holt.  Never heard of him?  Owner of the San Antonio Spurs.  Biased, I know, but I don't know as much about other franchises to have an opinion.  The reason you've never heard of him?  He stays the hell out of the way and lets R.C. Buford run his team.  Now, if R.C. turns in a couple of losing seasons, it's his ass.  Brett Hull and Les Jackson turn in 1 bad season, it's two asses to launch. 

Which brings me to Tom Hicks.  Similar to Peter Holt, a business man who hires people to run his shit.  He doesn't play "Lil Guy Who Got Picked Last In Gym Class" he plays "Guy Who Knows His Role and Gets Paid to Do It" 

I'm not saying I like Tom Hicks one bit.  He's the reason I haven't seen playoff hockey in person for two years.  But he is the reason I've seen a Cup, an American Airlines Center, and a shit ton of playoff games and I applaud him for that.  I'm not saying I want him, I'm just saying I want him, or any owner, to be 8 feet tall when he's standing on his wallet.  Because, as said earlier, money buys happiness, and also makes my Dallas Stars win...

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