Stars Sale: Gallacher Out, Hicks Possibly Back In?

So you're probably feeling a little down over the Stars first loss last night but still you're not feeling too bad as to be fair it's only pre-season and the sun is still out (well at least it is where I am living) and it's the first day of fall.

Well, John Shannon of Sportsnet up in Canada is ready to sour your morning a little more with a pair of tweets...

Confirmation today from League source, that Calgary Billionaire Bill Gallacher is out of running in purchase of Dallas Stars.

That was his first tweet this morning.  That in itself is kinda disappointing for Stars fans who were hoping to have a dedicated hockey fan as the next owner of their hockey team.  Of course this is a rumor from a league source and it should be taken with a grain of salt until we hear something official from the Gallacher office if we hear anything at all.  For all we know it could be posturing... that's how these things sometimes go when it comes to negotiating.

But four minutes later Mr. Shannon had an even more ominous tweet...

There is expectation that local groups will re-emerge to buys Stars,including a possibility that Tom Hicks will form group to buy team back.

Oh boy.

Now before you all start rushing for the closest bridge, again this is all just speculation.  This is not to say for sure Hicks will be back in the picture and even if he is it doesn't necessarily mean as majority owner.  It may be a case where - like in the Rangers sale - he has a very small sliver of involvement with a local ownership group.

Not to mention, Hicks was just recently shut out of additional funding that he sought in his ownership of Liverpool FC to give him an additional two years to sell that club.  So it's not like his financial issues are getting any better or are any better than they were a year or two ago.

And not to be forgotten in all of this, maybe with Gallacher out this opens up things Vancouver businessman Tom Gaglardi to purchase the team.  Again, it's all speculation right now.  About the only thing we know for sure is that this sale is turning into a more drawn out process than I am sure most of us had expected it to be.

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