Stargazing: Hockey Reading on Your Gloomy Cowboy Monday

I wish I could say something to cheer those of you who are Cowboy fans up this afternoon, but the mood out here on the internet(s) seems to be a somber one. The fact that the Stars prospects had a good showing yesterday in Traverse City and that the Rangers completed a sweep of the hated Yankees didn't seem to make anyone feel any better. Luckily, a week from tomorrow (most of) you can drive to the American Airlines Center and watch a real live hockey game.

In the mean time, the news cycle is picking up and there are more discussions of the upcoming Stars season by people who probably don't watch much Stars hockey to read. What could be better than that?

This is day 6,893 without James Neal contract news.

First pre-season game: 8 days.

Regular season opener: 25 days


  • For a preview including the suggestion that Brad Lukowich could possibly play in Dallas next year, and a mention of "Mike Rebeiro", whoever that is, visit for their big Dallas Stars preview.
  • Also from the Sporting News, via Yahoo, Joe Nieuwendyk discusses the lack of progress in the James Neal negotiations, saying that teams have the upper hand when RFA's don't yet have arbitration rights.
  • Mike Heika chats with Marc Crawford. Crow says Lehtonen will likely start 3 entire games in the preseason, leaving only 2 for Raycroft, Krahn, Campbell and Beskorowany to fight over.
  • The Morning News has a discussion of the importance of the prospect tournament. [DMN]
  • Puck Daddy did their big Dallas Stars preview last week, in case you didn't see it. They graded the defense a B, also mention Brad Lukowich as an addition to the team, shoehorn in a Mike Ribeiro video from two seasons ago, and state that the Stars finished in 13th place last year. We were 12th, damn it! [Puck Daddy]
  • The local PEI paper is promoting the Stars training camp this weekend. They like to mention Brad Richards. [Guardian]
  • Via ESPN Dallas, Joe Nieuwendyk has assured Mike Ribeiro that he is not getting moved. One wonders if he thought about making that call on June 25th. We'll never know. Hopefully Mike doesn't take it personally.
  • TSN discusses the Stars roster from a fantasy hockey point of view. They're not high on the defense. Kari Lehtonen is a sleeper. [TSN]
  • CNBC has an interesting discussion about season tickets and their declining status as fans shop smarter for the games they want to see. [CNBC]
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