Lifetime Contracts

I know most of you are probably sick to your stomache of the Lebron like drama surrounding the Kovalchuk deal, however I have been thinking hard about the ramifications of these monster deals for the NHL down the road.

Marian Hossa- 30yrs old  12yr 62.8 million cap hit- 5.2 million age at end of contract- 42

Henrik Zetterberg- 29 yrs old 12yr 73 million cap hit- 6 million age at end of contract- 40

Johan Franzen- 30yrs old 11yr 43 million cap hit- 3.95 million age at end of contract- 40

Rick DiPietro- 28 yrs old 15yr 67.5 million cap hit- 4.5 million age at end of contract- 39

Roberto Luongo- 31 yrs old 12yr 64 million cap hit- 5.3 million age at end of contract- 43

Alex Ovechkin- I am not including because he is a generational player and is only 37 at the end of his deal

Now given the way the NHL has fought to keep players salaries relatively under control (see A-Rod 27.5 million, Kobe Bryant 21 million Compared to Sidney Crosby 9 million) I personally find it hard to believe that in 10 years the NHLs salary cap will either A) be non-existent, B) be high enough to be able to support 40yr old former stars holding up 5+ million in cap space, especiaally a goalie.

That being said maybe NHL owners and GMs know something I do not about the future financial landscape of the NHL. Either way to me these ridiculous term contract rub me as sweeping the dirt under the rug and leaving a much larger mess to be dealt with when they are no longer with the team. I for one hope these contracts come back to bite these teams in the behind much like the DiPietro deal has with the Islanders

Personally I am glad the NHL put a stop to this escalating trend by at least attempting to put a hault to the 17yr contract awarded to Kovalchuk, which is basically a slap to the face of every fan that had to miss and entire season of NHL hockey. So the owners could have their salary cap, and a slap to the other 29 owners that put the salary cap in place for a reason. 

As a Stars fan I hope that when new ownership comes in place that this franchise does not make the mistake of handing out a massive contract like the above examples just to try and squeak a few million extra into the payroll. I would much rather see more of conservative deals like the ones awarded to Loui, and Robi. There is just way to much risk in terms of player health in such a physical sport, complacency, and long term financial risk in these overzealous contracts.

This is a user-created FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Defending Big D. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable hockey and Dallas Stars fans.

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