Forget Free Agency, this is far more important....

 ... it's something I initially noticed during the Conference Finals, and only now had time to do a Fan Post on, but there's an even more glaring need we must address.  More important than our obvious poor defensive play and lack of at least one more quality defender.  This detail is even more important than whether or not Lehtonen will perform well next season...

Of course I am speaking of having a black "home" jersey.  Seriously, we must get back to a dark green "home" jersey, or preferably a white home jersey and a green away jersey.  Maybe we're not quite at the point where we can reintroduce a new rendition of the green star motif jerseys, but can we at least ditch the black home jerseys and "black outs"?  We're making a mishmash of other teams' traditions with a crappy jersey.

Details:  Well this past season, no team appeared in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Conference Finals or Conference Semis with the pedestrian and totally boring all black jersey.  Only LA actually made the playoffs with this crime of Reebok ineptitude.

I don't count Boston's blacks as boring crap, as they still maintain the dignity of the spoked wheel.  The Pens jersey is not the unrelieved borefest of our home blacks.

Last year, only the Ducks made the playoffs, and made it to the Conf. Semis with their all black atrocities.

I really miss the home games with our White with green border star shaped jerseys, and all the other teams differing colored jerseys.  Ever since we flipped to road whites and home darks, it's just not the same, nor is it right.  Add in the indignity of a boring black jersey we could trade with Anaheim and not be confused and it's no wonder we can't even get into the playoffs.

Anaheim, Dallas and Tamba Bay all failed rather remarkably in developing their home jerseys... can we get a mulligan and just steal shamelessly from Minnesota for the basic design of their sweater if we're going for just color and Stars or Dallas in script?  The black is bad, but at least keep the Stars logo on the front, the road whites and just Dallas are sorta meh.

All in all, I hate RBK jerseys.

This is a user-created FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Defending Big D. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable hockey and Dallas Stars fans.

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