How the mighty have fallen in the shootout

Dallas Stars' lack of success in shootouts during the 2009-2010 season

(Author's Note - I reversed the numbers for last night's game - Dallas converted 1-4 and Phoenix 2-4.  I corrected the tables below for this season and the totals.  It slightly lowers the goalies' save % for this year - from 74% to 73% - and lowers the shooters' % from 16% to 14% - ouch!)

Last night, Ralph and Razor mentioned a statistic that interested me.  Despite the fact that Dallas had (before the end of last night's game), lost 9 of 14 shootouts, the Stars' goaltenders' save % in the shootout was actually 4th best in the league and comparable to the save % of the Coyotes' goaltenders, who had won 11 of 15 shootouts before last night.  Why the difference?  The Stars' shooters are not putting the puck in the back of the net on their attempts.  To illustrate this, I decided to look at the Stars' record ever since the shootout was implemented during the 2005-2006 season.  Even though this year is not over yet, the number are very interesting.

2005-2006 season

The shootout was one of the new features (along with the trapazoid) added after the 2004-2005 season was lost to a lockout.  In its first season, the Stars excelled at the shootout, winning 12 out of 13 (92.3%) - their only loss coming against Anaheim on March 31, 2006, as the season was winding down.


Date Opponent Result Opponent's shots Stars' shots
5-Nov-05 @Colorado W 0-2 2-2
12-Nov-05 @San Jose W 0-2 2-2
2-Dec-05 vs. Carolina W 1-3 2-3
6-Jan-06 vs. Anaheim W 1-4 2-4
14-Jan-06 @Boston W 0-3 1-3
25-Jan-06 vs. St.  Louis W 0-2 2-2
26-Jan-06 @Colorado W 1-3 2-3
28-Jan-06 vs. Detroit W 2-4 3-4
7-Mar-06 @Edmonton W 0-2 2-2
18-Mar-06 @San Jose W 1-4 2-4
24-Mar-06 vs. Chicago W 1-8 2-8
31-Mar-06 @Anaheim L 2-2 0-2
8-Apr-06 @Phoenix W 0-2 2-3
Total 9-41 24-42
save % 78.00% 57.10%
shooters % 22.00% 42.90%


Dallas' goaltenders were stingy, saving 78% of shots against them, while the Dallas shooters - led by Sergei Zubov, who had the most game winners in the shootout - converted 42.9% of their shots.

2006-2007 season

Once again, Dallas participated in the shootout 13 times, this time winning 9 of them (69.2%). 


Date Opponent Result Opponent's shots Stars' shots
15-Oct-06 @Anaheim W 1-3 2-2
2-Dec-06 vs. Minnesota W 1-2 3-3
16-Dec-06 @Los Angeles W 0-3 1-3
3-Jan-07 @Vancouver L 2-6 1-6
4-Jan-07 @Edmonton W 0-2 2-2
20-Jan-07 @Minnesota W 2-9 3-9
26-Jan-07 vs. Pittsburgh L 1-2 0-3
30-Jan-07 @San Jose W 2-3 3-3
20-Feb-07 @Minnesota L 1-3 0-3
2-Mar-07 vs. Columbus L 1-3 0-3
24-Mar-07 @Phoenix W 0-7 1-7
30-Mar-07 @Detroit W 0-3 1-3
6-Apr-07 vs. Anaheim W 0-4 1-4
Total 11-50 18-51
save % 78.00% 64.70%
shooters % 22.00% 35.30%


Dallas goaltenders once again saved 78% of the shots against them.  The Dallas shooters - led by Sergei Zubov and Jussi Jokinen - were not as successful as during the previous season, only converting 35.3% of their shots.  With the goalies saving the same percentage of shots as the previous season, it seems clear that the lower rate of success for the shooters was the reason why Dallas went from winning 12 of 13 shootouts to winning 9 of 13.

2007-2008 season

Dallas had fewer games go to the shootout during this season, only going to the skills competition 8 times, winning 5 (62.5%).


Date Opponent Result Opponent's shots Stars' shots
17-Oct-07 @Columbus W 0-3 1-3
14-Nov-07 vs. San Jose L 2-2 0-2
3-Dec-07 @Columbus W 2-5 3-5
18-Dec-07 @Edmonton W 0-3 1-2
29-Dec-07 vs. St. Louis W 0-3 1-3
12-Jan-08 @Los Angeles L 2-4 1-4
5-Feb-08 vs. Vancouver W 1-6 2-6
30-Mar-08 @Anaheim L 2-3 1-3
Total 9-29 10-28
save % 69.00% 64.30%
shooters % 31.00% 35.70%


Dallas' shooters had a slightly higher shot percentage than the year before (35.7% vs. 35.3%).  This time, the goaltenders were the ones who fell off, falling to a 69% save percentage - probably the reason why their win percentage in the shootout was lower than the previous season (62.5% vs. 69.2%).

2008-2009 season

Last season, Dallas went to the shootout 12 times, winning 6 (50%). 


Date Opponent Result Opponent's shots Stars' shots
11-Nov-08 @Los Angeles L 2-5 1-5
22-Nov-08 vs. Anaheim L 2-3 1-3
5-Dec-08 vs. Colorado W 1-4 2-4
18-Dec-08 vs. Blue Jackets W 0-2 2-3
4-Jan-09 @Vancouver W 2-5 3-5
10-Jan-09 @Phoenix L* 3-5 2-5
15-Jan-09 vs. Buffalo L 2-6 1-6
17-Jan-09 vs. Los Angeles W 0-3 1-2
16-Feb-09 @Columbus W 0-3 1-2
26-Mar-09 vs. Los Angeles L* 2-3 1-3
9-Apr-09 @Colorado W 2-3 3-3
10-Apr-09 @Anaheim L 2-4 1-4
Total 18-47 19-45
save % 61.70% 57.80%
shooters % 38.30% 42.20%


* An interesting note - both goaltenders (Turco for Dallas in both games, Quick for Los Angeles and Bryzgalov for Phoenix) had a shutout through 60:00 of regulation and 5:00 of overtime.  No one on either team put the puck in the net until the shootout.  Dallas lost both games 1-0.  All three goaltenders got credited for the shutouts in these two games.  Of Marty Turco's 3 shutouts last year, he only won 1 - a 2-0 win over Atlanta on Jan 27th (with Kari Lehtonen as the opposing goaltender).

Last season, as you can see, Dallas' goaltenders saved 61.7% of shots in the shootout - their lowest save percentage since the shootout was implemented - with the shooters converting 42.2% of the time, which was slightly lower than their all-time high percentage of 42.9% the first year of the shootout.  Once again, the goaltenders dropped off from their save % of the previous season, likely the reason why Dallas did not win as many shootouts. Also of note is the fact that in every shootout, Dallas put at least one puck into the net, while the Dallas goaltenders held the opposition scoreless in the shootout 3 times.

2009-2010 season (through March 21, 2010)

So far this season, Dallas has gone to the shootout 15 times, winning only 5 (33%), by far their worst result in the shootout.


Date Opponent Result Opponent's shots Stars' shots
3-Oct-09 vs. Nashville L 2-5 1-5
6-Oct-09 @Edmonton L 1-3 0-3
11-Oct-09 @Vancouver L 2-2 0-2
30-Oct-09 vs. Florida L 1-2 0-3
12-Nov-09 @San Jose W 0-3 1-3
25-Nov-09 vs. St. Louis L 2-2 1-3
5-Dec-09 vs. Edmonton L 2-5 1-5
11-Dec-09 @San Jose W 1-11 2-11
12-Dec-09 @Los Angeles L 1-4 0-4
16-Jan-10 vs. Detroit W 0-6 1-6
27-Jan-10 vs. Calgary W 0-3 1-3
9-Feb-10 @Chicago L 1-5 0-5
8-Mar-10 @Washington W 1-5 2-5
12-Mar-10 vs. Los Angeles L 1-6 0-6
21-Mar-10 vs. Phoenix L 2-4 1-4
Total 18-67 10-68
save % 73.10% 85.30%
shooters % 26.90% 14.70%

What a difference in the numbers.  This year, the goaltenders rebounded, saving 73.1% of shots in the shootout (the second-highest save percentage after 78% in both the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 seasons).  On the other hand, Dallas' shooters have only converted 10 of 68 shots, for a minuscule 14.7%.  In addition, in 6 of their shootouts, the Stars' shooters have been held without a goal, far worse than last year when at least one Star scored in every shootout.  Stars' goaltenders have held the opposition scoreless in the shootout 3 times, same as last year.

The overall shootout picture

Here are Dallas' shootout totals since the skills competition was implemented 5 seasons ago.  Numbers in bold are Dallas' high for that statistic, numbers struck through are the low.


Season # Shootouts # Wins Win % Save % Shooter %
2005-2006 13 12 92.30% 78% 42.90%
2006-2007 13 9 69.20% 78% 35.30%
2007-2008 8 5 62.50% 69% 35.70%
2008-2009 12 6 50% 61.70% 42.20%
2009-2010 15 5 33% 73.10% 14.70%


It is easy to say that the goaltender should have made this save or that save during the shootout, but looking at these numbers, it can be argued that the shooters are the ones who bear responsibility for this season's lack of success in the shootout.  It doesn't do any good for your goaltenders to save shots almost 3/4 of the time - their second-best save percentage - when your shooters are putting less than 20% of their shots into the net.

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