J.C. & Glennie


    The two most promising prospects in the organization, and the only two with real bluechip expectations, had very similar tough starts to junior seasons. One struggling with a new environment and tougher competition, the other struggling without his longtime linemates and struggling to carry the offensive load. However both have rebounded as the season has progressed. J.C. had a sports psychologist help him handle the pressure and expectations and saw his play improve and show flashes of brilliance. Leading him to all but lock up a spot as starter for Team USA in the upcoming world junior championships in Buffalo. Glennie although started to pick up the pace offensively was a day late and a dollar short. He failed to achieve a tryout with ultra-competitive Team Canada. Probably a huge let down to a kid who was expected to make the team, and probably be a key contributor as an 8th overall draft pick in 2009.


    Jack Campbell- OHL Windsor Spitfires  


GP               Mins                GA         SO        GA                        W-L-OTL-SOL                       SH                 SA                SV%

22 1257 77 0 3.68 12 9 0 0 682 605 0.887

Those stats have him 20th in the WHL in GAA and SV% in a 20 team league. Not overly compelling towards what we expect from the kid, but probably partially due to a very rough start. The biggest test for J.C. will be in the World Juniors, OHL playoffs, and possibly a Memorial Cup berth. It's hard to really say what J.C's early struggles and strong play as of late really mean. He's a confident if almost cocky netminder who embraces the challenge of living up to 12th overall expectations. Time will tell if the swagger this netminder carriers will leads to stardom or failed expectations. With a solid organizations that seems to specialize in developing netminders hopefully a talented, and confident netminder as Campbell go hand in hand.

    For those of you who carry an interest in the Stars young prospects make a note of catching Team USA and Campbell as the tournament progresses. Starting on Dec.26th through to Jan.5th for the Gold Medal game. Even if your not that interested make a point of watching some of this tournament, its an amazingly talent filled tourney more alike Olympic style hockey than NHL. This is where the Stamkos', Tavares`, Hall`s etc make a name for themselves. A player can make or break his draft spot with his showing in this tournament. I think some hockey fans would be shocked by how intense, and exciting the action can get. The New Years Eve contest and Gold Medal bouts between Canada and the USA in 2009 were simply enthralling. The action rivaling almost any Playoff or Olympic hockey.


    Scott Glennie- WHL Brandon Wheat Kings


            GP                    G                   A                      P                  +(-             PIM             PPG         SHG               PPG

35 13 28 41 -5 37 3 0 1.17

    2nd in team scoring, and 3rd in goals 18th in WHL scoring, 59th in Goals. Has certainly picked up the pace after a slow start. But Glennie failed to take charge of this team without longtime linemate Brayden Schenn, and Matt Calvert, costing him a spot on Team Canada. Matt Calvert plying his trade in Springfield of the AHL. Schenn getting a look in LA, and briefly in the AHL before rejoining Glennie in Brandon(2GP 4 points FYI). I think Glennie lost his chance at proving himself an elite prospect by failing to take the reigns without Schenn. And will probably be labeled as a lower tier player even if he does end up in the top 5 in WHL scoring because it was not until after Schenn's return he was really able to get to that next level, if he even does. A dominating performance in the tough WHL playoffs would go a long way to proving otherwise. Glennie having played in the WHL should be a stronger 2 way player than some junior prospects. Giving him a good chance at cracking the lineup before he is ready to take on a top 6 role. I am a huge fan of taking players out of the WHL because it is a tougher, more defensive league. Glennie is not exactly a "tough" player, but I think you will see a defensively responsible player that can play on any line.

    At this point I think Glennie is slightly dissapointing as an 8th overall choice to say the least. Magnus Paajarvi being selected 9th overall making an impact on obviously a less than stellar Oilers lineup does not mean everything. But 14 points, 4 goals, in 31 NHL games is a very good start for a 19yr old rookie. And Glennie will have to live with those comparisons. Though I do not believe any other 2009 draftees chosen after Glennie are in the NHL. I am certainly not trying to say Glennie is a lost cause, or a poor pick. I am simply showing he has a long ways to go to live up to expectations, and will probably see 1 if not 2 seasons in Texas before sticking with the big club. Glennie is in his 4th Junior year which I believe makes him ineligible to return to Brandon next season, correct me if i'm wrong



Hockey's Future is a great resource to read up on your teams prospects. They, as of Nov.12th have the Stars ranked 29th in prospect strength. They sight Campbell, Glennie, and Larsen as higher end prospects. However the overall organization lacks blue-chip prospects and depth at defense. Brandon had a great read up on Patrick Nemeth from the 2010 Draft. He certainly sounds like a player to be excited about. Theres is also good reading on all the other members from the 2010 Draft Class in the link. Personally I humbly disagree with a 29th ranking, Dallas always manages to find the right players with later draft picks. I think most people will be pleasantly surprised by Reilly Smith, Austin Smith, Richard Bachman, and Tyler Beskorowany in the coming years. All but Bachman are probably at least 2 years away at least.

    I hope you enjoyed the post. This is my way of killing a Wednesday evening with no Stars game. If the reception is good, I will continue to update on Glennie and Campbell. 

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