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While Daley excelled as an offensive defenseman in junior hockey, averaging about a point-per-game over his last two seasons with OHL Sault Ste. Marie, including 20 goals in 57 contests his final year, upon turning pro he focused much more on improving his defensive abilities.

That approach helped him reach the NHL.  Although his offensive output has never exceeded the seven goals and 25 points he earned in 2008-09, Daley developed into a solid, dependable defensive zone presence and has also contributed on penalty killing the last couple of seasons.  In 2009-10, while averaging 22:11 of ice time per game, second on the club to Robidas, Daley recorded a +3 plus/minus rating, tied for third on the Stars, while also ranking third on the squad with 131 blocked shots.

Still, he always tantalized with those brief displays of offensive wizardry, inducing illusions of a modern-day Sergei Zubov, but that potential remains mostly untapped.

“Sometimes, because he’s such a good skater, he’s got a tendency to glide into spaces,” Crawford said.  “As coaches, we’re always looking to make improvements with him and we look at that as an improvement that would help him and in turn, help us – get him to quicken his great pace.”

This still could be the breakthrough year. A healthy, motivated Daley increasing his offensive contributions while also continuing strong defensive play should go a long way towards helping Dallas battle its way back into the playoff picture.

I just don`t see it.....I don`t exactly consider myself a top level judge of NHL talent. However, there are some very fundamental things that I do notice when watching games. Guys with offensive talent, good forechecking, physical play, I even noticed the poise Larsen brought to the table(despite the deflected Daley`esk goal, and the breakaway off the faceoff). I don`t notice that kind of poise, and game controlling ability in Daley. Yes he skates very well and can break into the zone and go to the net, but he does not seem to have that pace controlling style, set up at the point kind of ability. And as for the solid, reliable defensive defenseman.....Man I just don`t know wheather it`s my own delusion or theirs. In the brief chance I have had to consistently see Stars game this season, thanks to center ice, and the few games I caught through internet streaming and TSN last season one image always comes to mind with Daley. Wrong place wrong time.....That is the best way I can describe it. I know the Daley own goal thing was slightly over blown last season, but never have I noticed a guy so consistently get in the goalies way, another defenseman`s way, or get completely out of the opposing forwards way.

I know he is the resident whipping boy for most Stars fans, and most teams have one and maybe he gets more flak than he should...I don`t know. I am curious to what you guys think outside of game situation when emotions are running high. Do we honestly think he is a long term guy for this team, I just don`t see it but thats just an opinion of one person.

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