Jack Campell Update

This draft pick will probably go down as one of the more important in DALLAS Stars history. I am going to give you an update of his tenure in the OHL.

Jack Campbell- Windsor Spitfires OHL

8 GP  433 MINS 35 GA  4.85 GAA  2-5-0-0  239 SHOTS  204 SAVES  .854SV PCT.

OHL Stats

Statistically speaking not a terrific start early on for Jack, much similar to the struggles we read about in his Traverse City Prospects Tourney. 

"Jack Campbell lost both games he played in, although not by such a high margin the second time.  His first stint in a Dallas jersey certainly was not the best way to start off his young professional career but he still has plenty of time to develop.  After committing to the Windsor Spitfires and forgoing NCAA eligibility, Campbell will get a full year of winning and can will probably play in the NHL a bit sooner than the college route. "

There really is not much literature actually dissecting Campbell's play. It is very early on in the season and the Spitfires have a very young defense and are still currently missing, ironically, Cam Fowler who Joe Nieuwendyk controversially passed on to take Campbell and is starting the season in Anaheim. So the statistics above should be taken with a with a grain of salt. He is widely considered the best goalie in the OHL. More stock should be put into how he does in the World Junior tournament as he tries to defend the Gold medal he helped lead team USA to last winter. And how he fares in the OHL playoffs and possibly a Memorial Cup Tournament.

It is probably completely unfair but the success of this past summers draft will be based on the play of Cam Fowler as much as it will Jack Campbell's. Cam Fowler taken by the Anaheim Ducks is starting the season in the NHL. So far Fowler has played 5 games registering 2 assists and a -2 averaging just over 22 minutes a game.

From Anaheim Calling

"[Fowler] is way beyond his years.  I can't believe the maturity in his game and how smooth he is on the ice," Clark muses.  "I can get the puck to him, and he can either rush it or make a really good decision with it.  Those are the kind of D players I like to play with."

And the prospect of Clark and Fowler playing together in the future is a very real possibility as both steadily progress to the NHL level, with the latter trying to break directly into the league this year.  

So one of the main arguments for defending the Campbell pick was that is it doesn't make sense to draft for current needs when the prospects probably wont even see the NHL for 2 more seasons and your needs could be completely different by the time they get to the NHL. Well I was initially very critical of passing on Fowler, I actually did a 180 and was kind of in love with Campbell. I think I have found some middle-ground now. I still am fond of Campbell and believe in the enormous potential and reasons why he was drafted. However I must remain somewhat critical, Fowler is now playing 22 minutes a game at the NHL level and from what I have read is playing very good hockey. So it is impossible to ignore the fact that the weakest facet of our team could incorporate an 18yr old Memorial Cup champion and member of the 2010 World Junior Gold medal winning USA squad. When we are currently icing a defense that has greatly struggled the past 2 seasons most notably with Daley, and Niskanen. I cannot help but wonder what adding an 18yr old with that kind of pedigree would do to the lineup immediately and in the future, especially on a team with the financial constraints we currently face.

This is not meant to come off as "Fire Joe!" "rabble rabble rabble!" Just a realistic look at J.C. and how his season is going, and conversely how it compares to the progress of the top5 defenseman the Stars passed up on(along with 10 or so other teams). If anyone can find some actual breakdown of J.C.'s play that would be great, all I could find was quick recaps.

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