Stargazing: Dallas Stars Head Home With No Losses

UNIONDALE, NY - OCTOBER 09: Kari Lehtonen #32 of the Dallas Stars looks for the puck in his game against the New York Islanders at the Nassau Coliseum on October 9, 2010 in Uniondale, New York. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

2 wins down.  80 more to go.

Alright, we won't go that far yet but if you had told me back on Thursday night when we did our podcast (is it to early to plug next weeks show by the way on Wednesday?) that the Stars would finish the weekend with a clean 2-0-0 record, I would have been very happy with that even if you told me they had to stomp on puppies to get there.

Well ok, maybe a little upset about the puppies.  The point is, I really wouldn't have cared much over how the Stars did it, but just wanting them to pull off two wins and four points to start the season was all I and I am sure most of you cared about.

Are there issues to deal with?  Of course, these were not two perfect wins by any stretch and I'm sure the next four days the Stars have between games will be plenty of enough time to talk about the very poor PK work, the less than ideal allowing of so many shots on goal and the large amount of penalties that the team has taken - though again, we maintain some of those Islanders players fell to the ice a little too easy if you ask us.

For now lets all sit back, enjoy the "perfect season" going on so far and take in some links...


  • Look,I know Mike Modano no longer being with the Stars is a huge deal.  I get it, really I do.  But how many games are we Stars fans going to have to put up with where copy writers not really knowing the subject all that well lead off their game recaps with mentions of Mike Modano no longer on the Stars?  The link is from FOX Sports Southwest, but it's an AP Story that you can find pretty much anywhere.
  • Our pals over at Lighthouse Hockey had their take on the game and would like to point out that there were only a little over 13,000 that attended the home opener for the Isles.  There would have been more but they were all too busy at home watching the Yankees.  Those stupid, stupid New York Yankees. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Notice a little something different with Mike Ribeiro in the shootout last night?  Like he had a certain flair for a creative shot that he didn't have a season ago?  Our friend Mike Heika reports that Ribs has been given the green light by Coach Crawford to try some new moves out."I don't care what he does, just so long as he scores," Crawford said.
  • Calling all comic book nerds and true believers: Stan Lee is teaming up with the NHL to create 30 new superheroes based on all 30 NHL teams called "The Guardian Project."  Greg Wyshynski over at Yahoo's "Puck Daddy" blog got their hands on a sneak peek of the heroes that will be fully unveiled during All-Star weekend in Janurary, including a bit of a look at the shadowy Dallas Stars hero. [Puck Daddy]
A couple of quotes about last night's game after the jump...
All Quotes from

Stephane Robidas on the *ahem* questionable calls...
"There's stuff that we can't control and the referee is one thing that we can't control," Robidas said of the seemingly one-sided officiating. "Sometimes there will be calls that go our way and sometimes there will be calls that don't go our way, but we can't get frustrated or start yelling at the referee, because they can make us pay."
Marc Crawford...
"The guys dug in, we got a couple of good saves, and the shootout is so important in the league, you find a way to win, and we found a way to win tonight. They're not all going to be masterpieces and you can learn a lot from a victory as well."
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